I’ll have a cappuccino with my luxury automobile, please…

Remember that Seinfeld episode when Jerry is buying a new Saab, and George goes off in search of snacks, and his Twix bar gets stuck in the vending machine? Well, I do, and as anyone who has ever bought a car before knows, dealerships tend to be the worst places to be when you’re hungry or thirsty, or, if you’re a coffee lover, craving a good espresso. Even if David Puddy’s there to give you a high five.

So the folks at the Mercedes-Benz dealership in Atlanta were pretty smart when they decided to take customer service a few steps farther than stale donuts and a glass carafe of over heated coffee. Actually, they took it miles farther.

Introducing Cafe Benz, a full service cafe in the middle of the car dealership.

So when the Mercedes owners of Atlanta take their car in for a service, they can enjoy a real espresso drink, and even a sandwich or muffin or fancy-pants cake. Or, say, you’re trying to decide which $70,000 model to buy (I do this all the time) ”perhaps you want to think it over while seated on the soft leather couch in Cafe Benz, a freshly prepared cappuccino, complete with latte art, in hand?

This ain’t a gimmick, folks. Cafe Benz uses a La Marzocco Linea and Intelligentsia Coffee, and their baristas know what they’re doing. So the next time you’re in Buckhead looking for just the right new luxury automobile, check out Cafe Benz. And watch your back, Southeast Region. You never know when one of the well-trained Cafe Benz baristas will show up at the next competition…

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  1. Interesting concept. They have a similar one here in Cape Town at the BMW Showroom in the heart of Cape Town, but they are not at the level of Cafe Benz (ouch) as they don’t use a LM Linea nor coffee as high a quality as Intelligentsia. Great cars though.

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