Give Some Get Some with Barista Magazine – May 22, 2020 Edition

Win the Baratza grinder of your dreams!


UPDATE: Congratulations to Stephanie Velez of Washington, D.C., our winner, drawn at random, for the Baratza Forté BG Grinder!

And thank you to everyone who participated and donated to your local food bank, nonprofit, or virtual tip jar! You are amazing and an inspiration, and your contributions totaled more than $1,750!!! Thank you for your action and for making a difference in your community!

Here’s a secret: Part of the reason we love putting Barista Mag’s Give Some Get Some promotions together is that it allows us to connect with friends throughout the industry. Nope, Give Some Get Some is decidedly not about us—it’s about you, dear coffee friends, and the kind, generous companies that are donating the incredible products you’re playing for (see rules below!). But there’s still a lot of joy that comes our way as we put the giveaway together.

One of the people with whom we were fortunate enough to connect is the incredible Joyce Klassen of Baratza. If you’ve ever stopped by Baratza’s booth at a coffee event or competition, you know Joyce: She’s whip-smart and funny, and she feels deeply for baristas. Baratza as a company has always been incredibly supportive of the barista community, and we love them for it.

Just look at those beautiful Baratza grinders lined up for easy use when brewing pourovers.

But even for this already generous company, we didn’t expect the response Joyce sent us when we asked if they would like to donate a product for the winner of the May 22 edition of Give Some Get Some. “I’d be more than happy to help you get help for others,” she said after we explained the concept behind Give Some Get Some—which is to raise money for virtual tipjars, food banks, and health-care organizations by asking you readers to make a donation of any size to be entered to win a bangin’ coffee gift. “How about we go top of the Baratza line and hope that it generates some good support. Let’s offer the Forté BG ($919).”

Here it is: The Baratza Forté BG. Stunner.

HOLY SMOKES! How incredible is that!? The Forté BG is like the absolute ultimate home grinder during stay-at-home orders, and it’ll look and work fabulous in your café when we’re back to work!

The Baratza crew even went so far as to write us about why they want to participate in Give Some Get Some. Here’s a hint: It’s all about YOU. “Baratza is delighted that the Barista Magazine team have created this ‘Give Some Get Some’ fundraiser. These are extremely challenging times that have shaken us all personally and professionally. Yet, over the last couple of months we’ve watched and listened to so many in our coffee community proactively figure out new ways to be in these uncertain times. It’s been inspiring and heartwarming.

“The barista community has always been central to our outreach and sponsorships at Baratza, we appreciate that baristas are the educators to the consumers on how to make their brews at home, including the importance of grinding fresh. We have felt the love from their support for so many years, it’s why we wholeheartedly support this fundraiser! We know full well the joy of our daily cup of coffee and many of us are currently missing the camaraderie and pleasure of that cup of coffee at the café. We hope the chance to win this Forté BG, and create your own ‘café at home,’ will encourage you to give boldly to the organization that matches your values and spreads the support to those in need.

“Baratza has been looking for ways to increase our support for the coffee community during this difficult time. We feel it’s the right thing to do, to give back in the myriad ways that we can, through product donations, financial contributions and supporting our smaller resellers. Both Baratza and our employees have been contributing to tip jars in WA and CA, plus national aid organizations as a way to directly help those who are struggling with loss of incomes. We continue to contribute to Grounds for Health, Food 4 Farmers and Coffee Kids because we know how critically important it is to support the health and welfare of coffee growing communities, while helping the youth of these areas see opportunity for themselves and learn the skills to ensure the viability of their coffee programs.

Thank you so much for all that you do, Baratza!

Here’s what you should know about this beauty: The Forté BG is a commercial-level grinder, the near-bulletproof go-to for many bars and cafés offering customers a rotating selection of their best coffees on the brew bar.

Grind by weight: Baratza was the first to introduce grind by weight. The built-in electronic scale for accurate grind weights is a win-win for efficiency on the brew bar or at home! It’s no wonder the Forté BG won Best New Product in the Commercial Category at the Specialty Coffee Association Expo in 2013.

It’s compact and powerful: The grinder has cast metal construction and a small footprint, and offers high daily capacity (5lbs/day) plus an intuitive control panel, with three programmable settings for repeatable dosing. Included with every Forté are a shut-off hopper, a burr removal tool for easy cleaning, and a simple burr calibration tool for quick calibration.

It’s got an accurate range of grind settings: The 54mm flat steel burrs are engineered to produce an accurate and precise grind. The Forté BG has 10 macro and 26 micro settings for 260 steps of adjustment to help deliver exceptional cup quality for all brew methods from espresso to French press.

The Baratza Forté BG has—wait for it—260 steps of grind adjustment!

HOW TO ENTER: We’ve further simplified the rules to make it easy-peasy to enter! Simply make a donation of any size to the virtual tipjar of your choice (here’s a list, but if you don’t see your favorite spot on the list, try Googling them to see if they have one set up), or any food bank or health-care organization, and then leave a message in the comments section below with the following information:

  1. Your name.
  2. Your city and state.
  3. The tipjar or non-profit organization you donated to and how much you gave. (If you’re uncomfortable sharing the amount you gave, you can email that info instead—send it to We just want to keep track of how much our Give Some Get Some promotions are raising.)

This is honor system, folks—we’re not asking you to submit your receipt.

We’re accepting comments/entries through 12:00 PM PDT Friday, May 29!

So go make a donation—again, it can be of any size—and tell us about it, and you’ll be entered to win this totally killer grinder from Baratza! Thanks for playing!

(Please note: The grinder is only available to ship to addresses within the United States and Canada.)

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  1. Nathaniel Lamers
    Portland, OR
    $20 to Black Visions Collective out in Minneapolis.

  2. 1. Matt Rosenblum
    2. Laguna Niguel, CA
    3. $5 to Queen City Grounds Virtual Tip Jar

  3. 1. Steven Zbrozek
    2. Milwaukee, WI
    3. $20- Stone Creek Coffee
    We’ll get through this!

  4. 1. Daniel Gutierrez
    2. Atlanta, GA
    3. $5 Vagabond Barista Virtual Tip Jar & $5 to Minnesota Freedom Fund

  5. Kathleen Lawler
    New York, NY
    $50 to my favorite Midtown coffee spot – Taylor Street Cafe!

  6. Robert Bui
    Santa Clara,CA
    Jiaren Cafe Coffee for HealthCare Workers – $20

  7. $15 to my friend Matt at Session Coffee here in Denver, CO. Today is their last day in business 🙁

  8. 1- Joe Shum Seruto
    2- Portland, Oregon
    3- $8 to Bar 9 in Culver City, CA

    Love those guys! Great coffee and great people! Can’t wait to see you all again soon

  9. 1. Alvin Kim
    2. Seattle, WA
    3. $5 to “La Marzocco Cafe Workers Fund” on Venmo!

  10. 1) Varun Bhadkamkar
    2) San Francisco, CA
    3) $50 Leadership Public School, Richmond

  11. Tim Rendall
    Denver, CO
    $20 To Huckleberry and Sweet Bloom!

    Additionally, I’ve always run a small scale, “friends and family” roasting operation out of my home, and since the shutdown have been offer free bags of coffee to anyone who has lost work because of the virus through our website So far we’ve given away over $400 worth of coffee to folks around the city of Denver. A grinder like this would sure help for when people request ground coffee, as my little Encore is struggling to keep up! But either way, thanks for helping to spread generosity!!

  12. Shoutout to one of the realest in the game, serving up some of the best coffee in Atlanta!

    Layne Saliba
    Gainesville, Georgia
    $5 to Spiller Park Coffee

  13. 1) Ryan Lally
    2) Olney, Maryland
    3) $10 to Vigilante Coffee in Hyattsville, MD

  14. 1. Ian Pearson
    2. Los Angeles, CA
    3. $10 to National Coalition for the Homeless

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