Give Some Get Some with Barista Magazine – April 17, 2020 Edition

OMG, Marco is giving this week’s winner something huge!


Day 3,964 of quarantine (it would seem): We’re getting through this because of each other, friends. These are hard, sucky times for sure, but our community is still here, and in COVID times, “here” means online and social media, sadly, not in person. But we’ll take what we can get: We miss our coffee family!

That’s why we started doing the Give Some Get Some promotion—to connect with you, to engage with you, and to give you a fun distraction during these weighty, challenging times.

So let’s get to it! The rules are super simple: Make a donation of any size (we recommend $5.00, but anything you can spare is appreciated. We are all strapped right now, and the thought really does count!) to the virtual tipjar of your choice, OR the health-care organization of your choice, OR the food bank of your choice. Snap a screenshot of your payment confirmation and email it to, and just like that, you’re entered to win a prize.

Thanks to everyone who has participated in Give Some Get Some so far, we’ve raised $2,750! Let’s see how much we can add to that total this weekend!

And OH, what a prize it is! Our friends at Marco Beverage Systems—you know, the company that puts out super sexy, stylish coffee equipment and has been revolutionizing the way you brew coffee since 1980—are graciously donating a Marco MIX PB3 valued at $1,398 USD!! Holy moly, folks! (U.S. addresses only, please.)

Hot damn, that Marco MIX PB3 would look good in your shop (or kitchen for the time being!).

The super innovative water boiler Marco MIX can deliver water at three separate temperatures and three separate volumes—are you kidding me?? That means that you can not only run totally different coffee and tea brews, but you can do it incredibly efficiently! And get this: It’s also up to 70% more energy efficient than most boilers thanks to its vacuum-insulated tank! And a note re: the weird times we’re living in right now—all that hot water is great for sanitizing your counters and tools, too. 

“It is important for us to take part in this initiative as we know that many in the coffee community are facing unprecedented personal and professional challenges,” says Gemma Kiernan, Marco’s marketing manager. “We are so proud to take part in this initiative to support our diverse, creative, and resilient community. As many of us feel worried and afraid, it has never been more important to stay connected and come together, even if we remain physically apart.”

Well said, Gemma. Thank you. Also, happy 40th anniversary to Marco!!

And guess what? If you’re not the winner, Marco still wants to treat you by offering an exclusive discount to Barista Mag readers: Get 10% off your own Marco MIX PB3 by using promo code “BARISTA10” when ordering through

Entries to this Give Some Get Some promotion will be accepted through Monday, April 20, at 12:00 p.m. Pacific. Thank you for playing! We love you, coffee friends, and we support you!

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