Coffee t-shirts… literally.

One thing those of us in the specialty coffee industry both love and are never in short supply of are coffee t-shirts. I attribute this to the fact that coffee folks tend to be creative and stylish, and they like seeing their friends wear their designs. Plus, it can seem like every event and every product has a shirt all its own, and when the designs are super cool, you can’t help but wanna wear them, right?

So I was excited when my Dad sent me a link about t-shirts that are actually made out of coffee! The guys at Singtex, the makers of S. Cafe shirts, says that one medium cup of coffee can make two t-shirts. What the heck?


Eco fashion company Singtex has taken three years to patent a process that converts used coffee grounds into yarn. And this yarn can weave shirts that feature fast-drying, anti-odor properties.

Supposedly, the shirts look and feel like any typical performance sportswear.

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