Already Gearing Up for London

Seems like the good folks in London are already getting ready for next year’s WBC. This story just out from, says that coffee shops and beverage retailers in the city ought to be planning for an influx of coffee connoisseurs. Since the WBC will coincide with the start of the World Cup from South Africa and the nearby tennis championship at Wimbeldon, shops are advised to have flat screens devoted to showing all the action. I have to say that’s some good company for the WBC to be in.

Of course a Brit hasn’t won Wimbeldon since 1936, and England last took the World Cup crown back in 1966. So perhaps knowledgeable Londoners will be watching to see if their country can continue its recent dominance in world barista championships where the UK has won two of three, with the other going to Ireland. I leave it to James and Gwilym to spread the word and make sure all the televisions are tuned in.

Oh, and the story says to be prepared for more than 12,000 people to visit the WBC at the Caffé Culture show. All right, now I’m getting excited too!

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