Clara in Rwanda

My good friend Clara Seasholtz just returned from a trip to Rwanda to manage the Bikes to Rwanda project she oversees. This project, the brainchild of Big D at Stumptown, is designed to provide bikes to coffee farmers in Rwanda to make getting cherries to the washing stations more efficient, as well as to improve the general quality of life for farmers who live in the land of 1000 hills.


Those old wooden bikes sure are cool to look at, but aren’t at all practical for hauling big bags of coffee around. So Bikes to Rwada is fashioning proper mountain bikes that can carry large amounts of weight on rough roads. Clara is back from her Rwanda trip now, but you can read about her adventures on the Bikes to Rwanda Blog, as well as keep up with the various fundraising activities she has going on in the next few months.

Meanwhile, I have to point out that I am so excited for and proud of Clara for making this trip: it was her FIRST trip out of the U.S.; she got sick; she worked her butt off; and she got the job done. Bravo, Clara.


  1. Blushing with thanks Sarah. It was an incredible trip. I learned so much and boy oh boy do we have our work cut out for us. I couldn’t have done the trip and all the items on my to do list with out the help of so many people. A big thanks to everyone at SPREAD, Scallywags, Project Rwanda, Douglas Mutabazi, Jay Ritchey, and of course, all of the farmers that gave their input on the bike program thus far.
    I had the chance to share my photos and stories with Sarah last night – I would say, if nothing else, that everyone should find their way to this incredible country. Its the most beautiful place I have ever seen, the people are like none I have ever met, and then there is always the fantastic coffee!!
    Best to all. Bikes to Rwanda thanks everyone in the coffee communities all over the states for their love and support.

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