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Cafe Imports rereleases some of their most popular coffee maps, so you can visualize coffee-growing countries, seasonality, and varieties.


Photos courtesy of Cafe Imports

Do you know how many coffee-growing countries there are? How about when coffee is in harvest in Ethiopia? Now that information is readily available through Cafe Imports in a trifecta of beautifully designed coffee maps.

The Cafe Imports maps are a helpful tool for all coffee professionals. Above is the harvest map, which illustrates when different coffee countries experience their harvest.

The maps have been in the Cafe Imports rotation for a while, but the company continues to update and revise them as new science comes out. There are three maps: one is a tree of coffee varieties, another showcases each individual coffee-producing country, and the third one illustrates the harvest season for each coffee-producing country.

Cafe Imports has released different editions of its maps, updating them periodically with new information.

One of the reasons these posters are being showcased now is that they reflect changes and discoveries in the coffee industry. They were designed by Andy Reiland, creative director for Cafe Imports. “The World Specialty-Coffee Map project began as a novel idea—‘Let’s create a map of all the places from which we import coffee!’—that evolved into something much larger. Namely, mapping the world of specialty coffee, at least as we know it,” their website shares.

Cafe Imports’ Coffee Family Tree is especially exciting because this is the first update the poster has seen in five years.

The maps are the result of hours of research and fact-checking along with cross-checking and working with resident coffee experts. “In order to meet the challenge of mapping that specialty-coffee world, we needed to establish a methodical process: While mapmaker Andy was diving deep into vectorized topographic world maps, we also consulted with our export partners to ensure the greatest possible accuracy in the information and details presented,” the website states. The site also details how Cafe Imports decided on the content in the maps, as well as how the maps have changed over the years.

All maps are 27 by 39 inches. You can either purchase a map here or download it for free.

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