Buy Another Latte, Cheapskate!

From the NY Times blog, Freakonomics, comes another round of the (Internet) age-old discussion, is offering free wi-fi a good thing for cafés?

It’s a lively discussion, and it’s spurred on by the strategy of a café in Holland which offers free wi-fi, but frequently changes the name of its wireless network to such things as the title of this post. You can read the post and the rest of the discussion here. I think that’s a clever way to remind customers that when you’re offering them something as a benefit for their patronage, they need to particpate in the transaction too. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Ah yes, the old catch 22- which came first, the coffee or the wi-fi? The cafes that have consistently exceptional drinks and service win my patronage regardless of wi-fi. And they tend to be crowded at all hours even without free internet. However, I will say that in the long run, I probably spend more time and money at cafes with free wi-fi. When I find both free wi-fi and great drinks together(which is rare), I think I’ll be in heaven.

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