Busy days in Mexico City…

I’ve been bad about blogging since arriving here in Mexico City for the national barista championship, but it’s only because our wonderful hosts, Arturo and Jose, have been keeping us busy with fun and interesting activities, and keeping us full with amazing meals in incredible restaurants! Today was the first day of the Mexican Barista Championship, and it was SO impressive. The competition continues tomorrow (Friday) with the finals on Saturday. Join in the fun by watching the live video feed here. Time is short because we will be off to another great evening of food and fun momentarily, but I wanted to at least post a bunch of photos from our adventures….


At dinner Monday night at an amazing Italian restaurant called the Witch. From left to right, Anette, Jose, Sonja, Arturo, me, Jay.


Judges training: reigning Mexican Barista Champion Chava (in apron) shows us how it’s done.


At the end of the second day of judges training, we got to go sightseeing. Top of my list was the Frida Kahlo museum, which was everything I’d hoped for and more…


One of three kitties in the extensive gardens surrounding Frida and Diego’s house.


These are the gardens. It’s a museum for sure, with extensive artwork by both Frida and Diego, as well as dozens of photographs, but much of the space — which was their house for 20 years — is maintained as it was when they lived there. Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take photos inside (so I bought the book with photos of it all!).


Artwork in the gardens…


Time for some shopping at the public market!


Jay and Andrew pause to chat…


Local baristas…


Sonja enjoying the espresso they pulled for her.


Sonja and Anette do some shopping…


In another local cafe, Andrew checks out the roaster…


Anette says, “Huh? This roaster doesn’t look like MY roaster!”


All of us in the cafe.


Then we went on an amazing boat ride up the 80 kilometers of canals in Mexico City!


A local woman passing us in her boat.


Back at the hotel before dinner, the ladies strike a pose: from left, me, Teri (Andrew’s fiance), Anette, and Sonja.

Cripes, it’s time for me to join the others in the lobby for tonight’s dinner! When I get back to the room tonight, I’ll post photos from the competition today (which is, after all, the IMPORTANT news).

I’d like to say before I go though, happy birthday to Mr. Andrew Barnett! We will fete you tonight!

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