Day 1 of Mexican Barista Championship

It was an exciting start, with a packed audience all the way from competitor number 1 through the end of the day! Here are some images from yesterday’s preliminary round:


First things first: judges need full bellies to get the job done right, and thanks to Jay, who introduced us to a taco stand with 9 cuts of pork, we were ready for work.


The first group of judges is ready to hit the stage.


Look at that packed audience!


Competitor number one: Maria Guadalupe Parra Gonzalez from Guadalajara


I love this tshirt… There is so much enthusiasm among these baristas!


Our MC (and host!) Jose speaks with competitor number two, Moises Martinez de la rosa of Pachuca.


Three cheers for our amazing runners!


Competitor number 4 Axel Juarez from Distrito Federal.


Competitor number 3, Erick Alfredo Jimenez Morales from Distrito Federal.


Hey Jaime! Jaime is a Mexican judge and a terrific guy…


Competitor number 5, Arturo Cuevas Ortiz shakes off the nerves before his performance.


This is a portion of the original artwork that is the backdrop on stage. The 10 Coffee Muses (here you see three of them) was created by Arturo Hernandez’s nephew. It’s breathtaking.

It should be noted that the Mexican Barista Championship is the first in the world to be using the new WBC rules, which include some pretty major changes (you can serve drinks 2 by 2, rather than all at the same time, for example), and these baristas are handling the changes with professionalism and ease.

Tune in today HERE for a live video feed of today’s continuing preliminary round. The six finalists in the seventh annual Mexican Barista Championship will be announced at the end of the day. Buenas tardes!

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