Bikini Baristas Attack!

Countdown with Keith Olbermann broke the story last night.

To be fair, the bikini baristas were provoked. Baristas in Parkland, Wash., who work in their bikinis because, um…, well maybe they also are beach volleyball players? Anyhoo, as they were being repeatedly flashed and harassed by a customer at the drive-thru window, they decided to fight back. Click on the image above, or you can see the video here.

Best part, however, in my opinion, is the first story on the video, a monkey on the loose in a Tokyo subway station, but then, of course, it may be an ape. Either way, good times.

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  1. the monkey (Macaca fuscata) did not fight back, it was just running away, maybe looking for a good cuppa (apparently they like hot baths and Tokyo can get a bit cold, he just needed something to the going).

    The apes were the ones on the second story. Homo sapien — though two different subspecies: h. sapien bikinus and h. sapien imbecilus. The first one has the ability to change at will through clothing technology, the second is doomed to narrow choices of survival strategies in the urban wilderness… bar bouncer, DMV attendant, and some of the luckier ones go on to the military and become sergeants. The better off ones are sent off to college as frat boys to later become sales people, managers, tv commentator, or even *gasp* the Big Ape in the White House.

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