The April+May 2017 Issue of Barista Mag Has Landed!

Welcome to the 12th Anniversary Issue of Barista Magazine.


Twelve years ago this month, Barista Magazine debuted as the first publication in the world dedicated to the culture and success of professional baristas. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have watched the international barista contingent grow into the most influential group in specialty coffee. Where 12 years ago, it was a rarity to find a barista who intended to make a career in coffee, today, many of the best cafe owners got their start behind the bar, and saw the potential to create a vibrant, financially solvent business for themselves in the community they love.

We thank you for the opportunity to grow along with you, to follow your progress and track trends set by the ever-higher bars you aspire to reach. Over the last 12 years, Barista Magazine has grown in terms of subscriber numbers and page count, contributing writers, photographers, and illustrators, and the breadth of subjects we cover in specialty coffee. You want to learn more about green coffee processing? We’ll find an expert in the field to explain it to you. You want to debate a contentious coffee subject? We’ll find reputable professionals on both sides of the argument to discuss it. We are as active as ever, if not more so, today in our dedication to providing the professional barista community with the content it wants as well as needs to continue its success well into the future.

So thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. You continue to inspire, challenge, motivate, and thrill us on the daily, and we can’t wait to see what the next 12 years will bring.

Today, we’re incredibly proud to share with you the newest Barista Magazine: April+May 2017, which is our biggest issue ever at 132 pages! It’s packed with content that is educational, relevant to the current specialty-coffee market, and interesting to professionals like you. You can read the whole thing FOR FREE online now via Barista Magazine’s ePub, and you can also get the Barista Magazine App—it’s FREE, as well—and download full issues of Barista Magazine to your mobile device so you can read them anywhere in the world that you are. You say there’s nothing like holding the print magazine in your hands? We feel you, which is why we offer subscriptions to Barista Magazine for ridiculously low prices—place your order online now! And you can always order individual hard copies from our online store.

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And there is much, much, much more in this very special anniversary issue of Barista Magazine, so check it out via our ePub, our app, or in print. We hope you enjoy it!

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