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Check it out: the Coffee Community has launched a barista training app called “Coffee: Beans, Barista and Latte Art.”

Note: we here at Barista Magazine haven’t tried it out — we’re just interested in the idea and passing it along to you readers to look into if you’re interested.

Here’s what the press release says:

The app is filmed on a commercial machine and so is great for any budding professional barista but all the principles would apply equally to a keen home barista.

Coffee Community Ltd are the UK’s longest running independent barista trainers, training many of the best known brands in the coffee industry all over the world. Over the years they have been heavily involved in the UK Barista Championships and a number of the World Championships, as well as helping write both the City & Guild Barista Qualification and various trade qualifications.

This expertise has now been put into the first comprehensive barista training app for both the Ipad and Iphone.

¢ Great pictures of coffee growing at origin through to detailed shots of the coffee making process.

¢ An interactive map guides you through coffee flavours around the world

¢ The œmenu  provides illustrations of all your favourite drinks to discover how they are constructed.

¢ Follow key skills by scrolling through step by step instructions on the œblackboard , or double tap the screen to go through these steps picture by picture.

¢ If you still need extra help then watch the videos on:

– Setting your grinder

– Making espresso

– Foaming and texturing

– Pouring a traditional cappuccino

– Pouring a latte art heart

– Pouring a latte art rosetta

– Pouring a latte art tulip

The standard version is designed to work on your Iphone and costs £2.99

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Whereas the deluxe version has the graphics reworked to suit the Ipads larger screen and costs £4.99.

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