Africa Project by Elle Bernert

Meet Elle Bernert, the 13-year-old daughter of Barista Magazine’s art director, Jessica. We’ve known Ellie ever since we hired Jessica’s design firm, Pail Design, to art direct Barista Magazine beginning in 2005, and Ellie has grown into a mature and poised girl during those years. She’s just a cool kid.

A few weeks ago, Ellie had an extra credit project to do at school, and she chose to interview me about my recent trip to Africa. This serves as a little preview to the new issue of Barista Magazine, our 4th anniversary issue, which has a special focus on baristas at coffee origin.

Here’s Ellie’s take on it all.

ellie 1.jpg

ellie 2.jpg

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  1. If you want to read the words on Ellie’s poster, just use the zoom function on your browser. It’s a high resolution image, so you’ll be able to read it all up close.

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