AeroPress Creativity Primer, Part 2

Almost ready to press

Three new ways to brew with an AeroPress


Part 1 of this story, which included the first of three recipes, appears HERE.


What you need besides an AeroPress:

Get your hands on the plunger from a second AeroPress.


AeroPress Creativity Primer, Part 2
The double plunger set-up

How it’s done:

¢ Place 25g of drip grind coffee into an inverted AeroPress and level it. Make sure the plunger is inserted at least ½-an-inch into the cylinder.

¢ Start a timer and pour 100g of 200F water.

¢ At 00:30 on the timer, put the second  plunger in the top and rock it back and forth, moving it down, until it is at least ½-an-inch into the other side of the cylinder.

¢ At 00:40 on the timer, get a solid grip on both plungers and shake that baby like a martini for 45 seconds.

¢ At 1:30 on the timer, remove the second  plunger and lower the cylinder until the brew bath is close to the top.

¢ Wet a filter and screw it onto the AeroPress.

¢ At 2:00 on the timer, flip and press for 10-15 seconds.


¢ Make sure to hold both plungers straight and steady. The gas released as you shake will put a surprising amount of outward pressure on the plungers.

¢ The high coffee-to-water ratio requires you to press pretty hard.

Why try it:

The coffee produced through this method is quite similar to a well-extracted espresso. It provides an incredible burst of flavor on its own, and can be used to make a very nice cortado.



What you need besides an  AeroPress:

You’ll need a larger container into which you can set your inverted AeroPress ”I’ve used a 1000ml beaker. It’s wide enough to catch the coffee but low enough to stay out of the way when plunging.

AeroPress Creativity Primer, Part 2
Pressing gently on a cup allows the water to travel down the sides of the press into your container

How it’s done:

¢ Place 19g of medium/coarse ground coffee into an inverted AeroPress and level it.

¢ Start a timer counting up and quickly add 250g of water.

¢ Carefully move the inverted press into the larger container.

¢ At 5:00 on the timer, break the crust to start releasing the trapped heat.

¢ Skim the foam and floating grounds off and discard them.

¢ You can start tasting the top of your brew with a spoon at about 15 minutes.

¢ Once the flavor really open up, just rinse your filter, screw the filter basket onto the press, set a cup on top, and press slowly until you get just past the “1”. I usually do this right around 20 “21 minutes.

¢ Remove the cup and then pull your press out of the liquid.

AeroPress Creativity Primer, Part 2
Almost ready to press


This is a relatively slow brew method. If you want to speed up your brewing time a bit, you can grind 22g of coffee very fine and stir the brew gently for a full minute right after you finish pouring your water. Doing so should allow you to initiate your plunge at around 7 “8 minutes.

Why try it:

You end up with a really smooth cup of coffee which you can stop brewing according to taste and you don’t have to consume entirely with a spoon.



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  1. Hey! I did the shaker recipe and LOVE IT! I tried the two plunger technique buuutttt I kept making messes, so I used an air tight Bueno cup… No leaks, no battling with the pressure, and when I unsnap the lid it lets the pressure out gradually:) my life’s changed!

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