Need design? Get Pail!

We have been fortunate to work with the talented and delightful Jessica Bernert of Pail Design ever since Barista Magazine’s first year of publication ”and now we’re four! She’s been with us a long time, and she and her company have played a major role in shaping the way Barista Magazine looks and feels. Pail Design has been responsible for the look of everything having to do with Barista Magazine (except the website ”we do that in house), from the print magazine to our media kit.

Because she’s been studying up on coffee and the industry through her work as Barista Magazine’s art director, Jessica knows the business pretty darn well by now. And she’s accepting new clients for web, product, marketing, and any other kind of design you can think of. For example, she and her business partner, Greg Spies, just completed an amazing new website for Aviation Gin.

Jessica and Greg just redesigned Pail’s website, and we bet you’ll think it’s as awesome as we do. Check it out here!
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