A Complete Bean to Cup Experience with Jaguar Coffee 

Jaguar Coffee combines production and services to offer an all-encompassing coffee experience in Colombia. 


Featured photo courtesy of Jaguar Coffee

For coffee businesses located in regions that produce our favorite beans, adding services related to origin and production can be a great way to draw in customers and set their business apart from the rest. In Colombia, Jaguar Coffee offers just that.  

Started by a team of coffee professionals interested in highlighting the country’s diverse coffees, Jaguar offers more than just a place to get great coffee. With services such as farm stays, scooter tours, bean-to-cup courses, and more, Jaguar is looking to promote a holistic coffee experience. Mario Patiño, founder of Jaguar Coffee, talks to us about the company’s vision and how it has evolved. 

The jaguar mural on the outside wall of the cafe. The jaguar's back rises up from green vegetation, including coffee trees with red cherries, and the cat's head is turned to face the viewer. It's yellow with brown and black spots and yellow eyes.
The exterior of Jaguar Coffee House in La Candelaria features a beautiful mural of a jaguar surrounded by coffee. Photo courtesy of Vasileia Fanarioti. 

A Holistic Experience with Jaguar Coffee 

Located in La Candelaria, a 17th century historic neighborhood in Bogotá, Jaguar Coffee House is a vibrant and cozy space with an artistic touch. There, customers can spend time in the brewing and roasting lab, with coffee tastings and roasting sessions.  

The team has also established the Barismo Academy, which provides educational services to help deepen understanding of the production process, preparation methods, and tasting abilities. Further, Jaguar Coffee offers tours of their own coffee farm, La Esperanza, to give customers an opportunity to immerse themselves in Colombian coffee culture.  

”The additional services we offer are derived from our work as coffee producers and the experience around it,” says Mario. ”We offer an integral experience around the coffee world in order to increase awareness of coffee culture and (increase) our brand impact.”

Inside Jaguar's cafe space, bright blue and yellow walls surround the seating area. A glass roof allows sunlight to filter in. Palm trees are set up in the corners. Seating includes a lime green couch with gray pillows, small wooden tables, and a variety of gray  and yellow chairs and ottoman.
Jaguar Coffee House offers a cozy vibe complete with natural elements that make one feel as if they are in the heart of Colombia’s coffee farms. Photo courtesy of Jaguar Coffee.  

Diversifying with Additional Services 

At La Esperanza, visitors can take part in a one-day coffee tour to experience life as a coffee producer and learn more about the processes involved in producing great coffee. To help extend customers’ experiences, Jaguar offers accommodation plans for farm stays. Knowing that coffee tourism is one of the most popular types of tourism in Colombia, Jaguar Coffee has created some tools that help to complement and diversify their portfolio. 

”The intention of offering such a complete experience is born from our production philosophy, and this helps us to find diverse incomes and increase the potential profits,” Mario adds. “That way we don’t have to depend only on coffee sales. At the same time, it helps elevate the coffee culture.” 

Under a metal roof, Mario sorts cherries with a blue plastic tool, and holds a white bucket, examining cherries in it. A man in a red shirt looks on.
Mario (right) aims to have Jaguar coffee available in specialty-coffee shops worldwide. Photo courtesy of Jaguar Coffee. 

Since Jaguar started, Mario has noticed other coffee businesses in Colombia offering such experiences. He’s proud to be part of a movement that is helping to make Colombia an even more attractive destination for coffee lovers. 

“Our main goal has been to create and nurture the coffee culture in Colombia. Therefore, the fact that more people started offering such experiences will help have an even greater impact and will increase recognition in the specialty-coffee industry,” he adds. 

Reconciling Services and Ensuring Quality 

Just recently, Jaguar launched a new scooter tour around Bogotá. It allows visitors to explore the city, accompanied by a professional guide who shares the history and culture of the country. But how does Jaguar manage to do all this? 

A coffee worker demonstartes how beans are sorted from a pile of fresh red coffee cherries. He has a white plastic bucket where he's putting in underripe cherries.
At La Esperanza, visitors can participate in different parts of the coffee production such as cherry picking. Photo courtesy of Jaguar Coffee. 

According to Mario, it has been challenging to reconcile all these different services under one brand. All these efforts require careful management to ensure quality while also segmenting the marketing content to reach the right target audience. Nevertheless, customers have come to expect an all-encompassing experience from Jaguar Coffee, and the team has delivered.  

“The additional value that our commercial branch offers goes hand in hand with the coffee production, therefore this agricultural approach makes the customers feel surrounded by sustainability, nature, and control,” Mario says. “Our services add value to our brand and make the customers enjoy what they are consuming in a more natural and direct way.” 

From coffee tastings and roasting sessions all the way to farm and scooter tours, Jaguar Coffee offers a unique experience for visitors to Colombia to deepen their understanding of coffee production and culture. 


Vasileia Fanarioti (she/her) is a senior online correspondent for Barista Magazine and a freelance copywriter and editor with a primary focus on the coffee niche. She has also been a volunteer copywriter for the I’M NOT A BARISTA NPO, providing content to help educate people about baristas and their work. You can follow her adventures at thewanderingbean.net.

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