Coffee Drinks

6 Amazing Drinks in Kansas City, Mo.

The city jumped into the specialty-coffee game early, and continues to be a top-tier destination for good brews. BY EDDIE P. GOMEZSPECIAL TO BARISTA MAGAZINE Featured photo by Getty Images/Unsplash Kansas City, Mo., continues to […]


Specialty Cafés to Check Out in Lisbon

The coffee scene in Lisbon has blossomed, with shops offering brunch, coffees from exceptional roasters throughout Europe, and unique experiences to impress the drinker. BY MICHAELA TOMCHEKSPECIAL TO BARISTA MAGAZINE Photos by Michaela Tomchek The […]


5 Cool Cafés to Try in Seoul

Seoul is one of the world’s most vibrant capitals, welcoming its visitors with a mix of modern and traditional. BY TANYA NANETTI SENIOR ONLINE CORRESPONDENT Photos by Tanya Nanetti It only took a few hours […]