Know Your Ingredients

Know Your Ingredients: Chaga Mushroom 

Ever tried mushrooms in your coffee? Chaga mushroom is a recent trend in the specialty-coffee world and boasts a number of health benefits. BY EMILY JOY MENESES BARISTA MAGAZINE ONLINE Featured photo by Elysabeth Malenfant […]


Emcees in Coffee Competitions: Juan Suárez

Venezuelan coffee professional Juan Suárez tells us all about his experiences as a coffee competition emcee. BY VASILEIA FANARIOTISENIOR ONLINE CORRESPONDENT Featured photo courtesy of The Barista League If you’ve ever watched a coffee competition, […]

Know Your Ingredients

Know Your Ingredients: Rice

Rice serves as a staple food in many cultures and provides sustenance to billions of people around the world. Today, we explore its history and how it plays a role in the coffee world today. […]