Test Drive: Java G25 Coffee Grinder by VSSL

Join us on a test drive of VSSL’s Java G25 grinder, where we assess its durability, engineering, and integration with other outdoor gear.


After recently reviewing VSSL’s Nest Pour Over Kit, today we’re turning our focus to another exceptional addition in their outdoor coffee arsenal: the Java G25 coffee grinder. With a commitment to precision engineering and durability, VSSL is introducing the Java G25 for those seeking the perfect grind in any terrain. Let’s dive in and test it out!

The Java G25’s conical burrs and dual bearings deliver consistent grind sizes.

Unboxing Experience: Components and Accessories

My initial impression upon holding the Java G25 was that it’s remarkably sturdy. Built with machined aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel, the Java G25 exudes durability and reliability, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of outdoor exploration. Standing at 6.5 inches tall with a 2-inch diameter, the grinder is designed to fit seamlessly into any outdoor gear setup without adding unnecessary bulk or weight.

Weighing in at 12.8 ounces (362 grams), I found it to strike a good balance between sturdiness and portability. With a ground capacity of approximately 30 grams, it offers ample room for grinding enough coffee to fuel outdoor escapades.

Unboxing the Java G25 reveals a wealth of accessories, including a push-button-release top cap and multipurpose carabiner.

When you unbox the Java G25, you’ll find:

  • One push-button-release top cap
  • One multipurpose carabiner with extendable grinder handle
  • One magnetized hand grip knob
  • One knurled aluminum grind catch with grind handle knob storage attachment
  • One high-carbon stainless-steel conical grinding burr
  • Dual ball bearings for axle stability
  • 50 unique adjustable grind settings with dual axle bearings for uniform grounds
  • ~30g grind capacity catch
  • One brush for cleaning
  • One felt protective case for Java G25 grinder
The Java G25 comes with a felt case for easy storage.

The push-release top cap grants swift access to the bean hopper, ensuring efficiency even in the midst of outdoor adventures. What’s more, the grind handle pulls double duty, seamlessly transitioning into a reliable carabiner handle. The grinder knob threads neatly to attach within the catch when not in use, minimizing clutter and maximizing convenience.

But perhaps its most noteworthy feature lies within its core: The conical burr and dual bearings deliver consistency in grind size. Featuring an extensive range of 50 grind settings, the Java G25 empowers its users to precisely adjust their grind. As a bonus, its design integrates flawlessly with VSSL’s Nest Pour Over Kit and the AeroPress Go.

The Java G25’s compact design fits perfectly within the VSSL Nest Pour Over Kit.

Testing the Java G25

During testing, the Java G25 delivered a remarkably clean coffee with minimal fines, emphasizing the sweeter flavors of the beans. It was very easy to measure for a 10-ounce pourover and simple to adjust the grind size. Notably, the user manual’s grind suggestions proved accurate.

One observation I made: When I set the grinder to a very coarse setting, I encountered difficulty in reattaching the turning knob onto the threads where it was initially positioned upon delivery, and where it is intended to be placed for compact storage. It’s worth noting that at finer grind settings, this wouldn’t be a concern.

Users can adjust grind settings with the Java G25’s intuitive design, ideal for various brewing methods.

Beyond that, the grinder’s user-friendly nature and convenient, compact design made it an effortless addition to my outdoor coffee brewing. The Java G25’s compatibility with the travel-friendly AeroPress furthers its versatility. Its simple breakdown and cleaning process underscores its practicality.

So far, I’ve broken down and cleaned the Java G25 grinder once, and I found the process to be quite straightforward and user-friendly. With just a few simple steps, I was able to disassemble the grinder, clean each component thoroughly, and then reassemble it without any hassle.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that the Java G25’s whole-bean capacity is ideal for outdoor adventures. However, in response to overwhelming requests for greater capacity, VSSL released the G45 with a 50g grind capacity catch, catering to those with larger brewing needs.

The versatile carabiner handle of the Java G25 allows for convenient attachment to backpacks or gear loops, ensuring it stays close at hand.

Who Is It For?

The Java G25 grinder is tailor-made for outdoor enthusiasts who demand efficiency, durability, and convenience in their coffee-brewing experience. With its space-saving design and seamless integration with other outdoor gear, such as the Nest Pour Over Kit and the AeroPress Go, the JAVA G25’s goal is for users to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee anywhere, anytime.

Priced at $160, the Java G25 stands on the higher end of the price spectrum, mainly due to its quality materials and precision engineering that would justify the investment. Additionally, VSSL stands behind every product with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, providing peace of mind to customers knowing that their purchase is protected. Should the gear fail to meet expectations, customers may qualify for repair, replacement, or refund.

All in all, I found the Java G25 grinder to be a great companion for adventurers seeking quality, convenience, and reliability in their outdoor coffee-brewing rituals. For more info, head over to VSSL’s website to learn more about their products!


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