Write for Barista Magazine Online!

Barista Magazine wants to hear from YOU! Here’s how to submit story ideas for Barista Magazine Online

Are you a writer? Is there an event happening in your neighborhood you want to report on? Do you have an idea about coffee extraction or customer service that you want to share with others?

If so, you can write for the Barista Magazine Online! Our online coverage, which accompanies our print magazine, is how we communicate live and ongoing events to our barista community, share ideas, and delve into deep topics like competition, training, and employee morale. The blog is updated daily, and we hope to represent and share stories on a variety of different topics within the coffee industry.

We are always looking for freelance writers to contribute stories and be our eyes on the ground for interesting coffee events all over the world! We’re excited to be the voice of the coffee community and invite anyone to submit a story to us. If you’re not an established writer or have never even written something for a blog or news publication, don’t worry—we still want to hear from you! We give everyone a chance, and will work with you to get your story ready to publish. We are committed to being the voice of the barista world, and that means you!

Our writers are compensated for their time and work, and we are dedicated to building a team that reflects our community. If you like working with us and are willing to work hard to produce great content, we’ll keep sending you work and hearing your ideas for stories. Barista Magazine Online is 100% fueled by baristas, so we want to hear your proposals for stories!

A proposal should include 3-5 sentences about your story—what is your thesis, who do you want to talk to, and why is this an important topic within the coffee industry—along with potential sources for photos. The types of stories we look for cover fun and interesting coffee events, showcase innovative products and coffeeshops, and discuss important, specific topics about life within the coffee world. For extra credit, a potential headline and subheadline for your story helps us imagine what it could look like on our website. Please submit all proposals to ashley@baristamagazine.com. Happy writing!

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Ashley is the Online Editor for Barista Magazine. She's based in Chicago. If you want to share a story or have a comment, you can reach her at ashley@baristamagazine.com.