Who's Better, Who's Best


I think it’s always interesting to see what people outside of the coffee industry think when presented with high-quality coffee, or what they believe is good coffee. So this list from Digital City of the 21 best cups of coffee in the U.S. makes for an entertaining read.

Many notable names are on the list, and a few unexpected ones. Probably most shocking from my perspective is Number 7 – 7-Eleven. The author (a tastefully named Fletch – though no doubt not Irwin Fletcher) makes a somewhat compelling case for the convenience store’s offerings, and I can attest that last December when in Kentucky to visit our printer’s plant, I had an occasion to sample the brew (at a gas station off the interstate which we stopped at every day on the way to the facility) and I was pretty amazed at the number of blends/origins they had available. I can’t say, however, that any of them tasted much different than any of the others, and certainly of the other cafés on the list, all that I have visited have served far better fare. Nonetheless, it’s an interesting read and it’s always good to see more interest in finding the best cup available.

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