What’s inside your cup of coffee?

Here at Barista Magazine if there are two things we love, they’re science and Wired magazine! Ok, we love a lot more than two things obviously. I mean we’ve got to have coffee on that list, right? And cafe culture and the worldwide community of baristas, farmers and coffee professionals (Not to mention a certain NBA team that wears red and black.) But I digress…

We love Wired magazine for its awesome design and layout, and for their great reporting on all things technological and science. Look at this, want to know how your coffee really reaches you? Well when going from producing country to your roaster, it almost always travels by ship. And how do they load all of those containers onto those giant ships? Well, Wired can answer that for you here.

And there’s also no getting around the fact that at the San Francisco-based publication they definitely have a soft spot in their hearts for coffee. They often have reviews of coffee gadgets, brewers and grinders, and well, the science of coffee. Below is a video of the later. Want to know what some of the compounds are in your cup, their effects on your senses and what they do in higher doses? Then check out this two minute video.

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