What to Expect at This Year’s Tallinn Coffee Festival

Join us as we explore the evolution, sustainable initiatives, and innovative offerings of the eighth Tallinn Coffee Festival.


Photos courtesy of Profexpo and photographer Marek Metslaid

On April 27–28, the Tallinn Coffee Festival returns for its eighth edition, inviting both enthusiasts and professionals to immerse themselves in the world of coffee. Hosted at the iconic Creative Hub venue Kultuurikatel in Tallinn, Estonia, this year’s event promises an unforgettable experience.

Organized by Profexpo, renowned for their successful Tallinn FoodFair event, the festival is poised to offer an immersive journey into coffee culture for all visitors. Join us as we uncover what awaits at this year’s event!

The outside of a gray brick building with large smokestack and tall windows.
The festival’s venue, situated in the renovated buildings of a power station built more than a hundred years ago, stands as one of the most special event locations and creative centers in Northern Europe.

What’s On

From its humble beginnings to its current stature as the premier coffee event in the Baltic states, the Tallinn Coffee Festival has evolved significantly over the past eight years. What started as a local affair has now blossomed into an international sensation, drawing attention from neighboring countries such as Finland and Latvia.

With the event reflecting the intimate nature of a small country and market, attendees can anticipate the presence of esteemed local names in specialty coffee, alongside many international brands. With each passing year, the festival has expanded its reach and influence, attracting up to 5,000 visitors eager to immerse themselves in the world of coffee.

Baristas chat with festival goers.
Each year the festival attracts a diverse audience, from coffee aficionados and seasoned industry professionals to curious newcomers eager to explore the world of coffee.

Over 60 participants, ranging from local specialty-coffee names to internationally acclaimed brands, will showcase their unique offerings. Visitors can expect to delve into the intricacies of coffee tasting, with exhibitors eager to share insights into various origins, processing methods, and innovative creations.

Additionally, adrenaline-pumping competitions such as the Estonian Latte Art Throwdown and the Estonian Cupping Championship will captivate audiences, showcasing the prowess of coffee professionals from across the region. Stay tuned for a dynamic schedule of master classes and seminars, providing invaluable knowledge and inspiration for coffee aficionados at every level.

But the festival is not just about coffee! Visitors can explore a wide array of offerings, including specialty teas, chocolate, cocoa, artisanal pastries, and beverages crafted by various producers.

Three baristas pose with one fist raised above their heads in victory.
Competition participants are eager to showcase their skills and ready to impress at the Tallinn Coffee Festival.

Sustainability in Focus

In alignment with the growing global consciousness towards sustainability, the Tallinn Coffee Festival sets a shining example with its commitment to eco-friendly practices. This year, a groundbreaking initiative introduces reusable tableware for all festival attendees, minimizing waste and environmental impact.

The Creative Hub venue was also awarded the Green Key eco-label in 2023, coinciding with Tallinn’s designation as the European Green Capital. This label attests to the Creative Hub’s commitment to environmentally friendly and sustainable practices in all aspects of its operations, including hosting events.

Furthermore, efforts extend beyond the event itself, as coffee grounds from the festival are repurposed to nurture plant life at the Tallinn Botanic Garden. Embracing the ethos of sustainability, the festival aims to inspire positive change within the coffee industry while providing a platform for education and appreciation.

Inside the festoval, there are espresso mashines, coffee bags, and other merchandise organized in the booths.
Visitors will have the opportunity to engage personally with local coffee experts as well as many international brands such as Jura, Melitta, Paulig, Pellin, and WMF.

Innovations on Display

As anticipation mounts for the eighth Tallinn Coffee Festival, attendees can look forward to exciting new features and products that promise to elevate the experience. Paulig, a key player in the coffee industry, will unveil their unique take on cold-brew coffee, reflecting the growing interest in this refreshing beverage.

Mihkel Jürimaa, a coffee trainer and expert at Paulig, expresses the evolving enthusiasm surrounding coffee: “Interest in cold-brew coffee has surged in recent years, and we’re thrilled to showcase our interpretation of this trend at the festival.“

Adding to the excitement, Rocket Bean Roastery from Latvia will introduce their latest creation: Cascara Cherry Cola with 5% alcohol. This innovative beverage, which has been warmly received at previous festivals, is set to captivate audiences with its distinct flavor profile.

Families and friends gather to eat and drink at tables on the premises.
Amidst a relaxed atmosphere, visitors will have the chance to meet representatives from the Indonesian and Turkish embassies, and learn about their local coffee culture.

Reflecting on the anticipation surrounding this year’s festival, Kennet Sarv, the event’s organizer, remarks: “Just as passionately as coffee roasters devote themselves to roasting their coffees, I devote myself to organizing the festival. I want people to like going there. I want to make our festival a pleasant but also practical and meaningful experience.”

As the excitement builds for the eighth Tallinn Coffee Festival, attendees can anticipate an unforgettable celebration of coffee culture, innovation, and community. With its rich history, diverse offerings, and unwavering commitment to sustainability, this event promises to once again captivate coffee enthusiasts and professionals from around the world.

Tallinn Coffee Fest logo, which looks like a broken cup.
Learn more at the Tallinn Coffee Festival website.


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