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Barista Magazine is hiring for an Online Editor to join our team

Applications accepted through August 15, 2016. Please email cover letter, writing samples, and compensation requirements to Sarah Allen at editor@baristamagazine.com.

Position Description:

The Barista Magazine Online Editor is responsible for writing 4 “6 blog posts per week (approximately 300 “500 words each) on an ongoing basis. Additionally, the Online Editor will format, copy edit, and proof blog items submitted by other writers (approximately 2 “3 per week), while optimizing all posts’ SEO.


The Online Editor will work closely with Barista Magazine’s Editor. The Editor will assign the Online Editor stories to write, articles to edit, and posts to publish. The Online Editor will also pitch story ideas to the Editor.

The Online Editor will keep to the schedule set by the Editor.

This is a part-time position. The expected work load is less than 20 hours per week. The Online Editor is a 1099 contractor.

The position is off-site. The Online Editor can work from wherever they want and whatever hours they desire as long as they complete the assignments on schedule.

The Online Editor must be available to meet with the Editor (either in person or via Skype/FaceTime) for 30 “45 minutes per week.

Required Skills:

Excellent writing abilities.

Strong copyediting skills and knowledge of AP Style.

Close attention to detail.

Ability to work quickly and turn around stories without delay.

Self-directed with an ability to work independently.


Published writer either in print or online. Minimum of 5 clips or links must be supplied.

The Online Editor will have an appreciation of café culture, an interest in learning about the people and places that produce coffee, and simply must love coffee.

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  1. I am a coffee farmer based in Kenya. Currently, I am training other farmers in Kenya on best farm practice and linking them to the market.

    For me…coffee is life and writing gives me satisfaction. I would love to work for #baristamagazine. I would be glad to have you read my articles on coffee. Regards

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