Welcome to the June + July 2018 Issue of Barista Magazine

Welcome to the June + July 2018 Issue of Barista Magazine featuring articles on Miki Suzuki of Japan, new instant coffees, learning from customers and mentorship, HR for small companies, a Q&A with Rachel Peterson, and much more!


June brings us to another installment of the World Barista Championship, and we at Barista Magazine are already excited to be traveling to the 2018 WBC in Amsterdam in a couple of weeks. But it also doesnt seem like too long ago that we were lucky enough to be in Seoul, South Korea, for the 2017 WBC watching Miki Suzuki returning to the WBC Finals for the first time in five years. She wowed the audience with a stellar performance and earned her highest finish ever, coming in second place.

Miki Suzuki has made a name for herself as an admired competitor on the international stage, but she is equally beloved by her customers and coworkers when working behind the bar at Maruyama Coffee in Nagano. Shes on the cover of our June + July 2018 issue, and we have an in-depth profile of Miki inside.

Theres a new trend in specialty coffee, and it seems like an odd one: Its instant, and Chris Ryan writes about what makes it different—and what makes it good—in Instant Development.


In a two-part entry entitled The Learning Annex, we look at the educational value of mentorship in an article by Rachel Northrop, and we examine how cafés can learn from their customers in a story from Erin Meister.

Barista Magazines Online Editor, Ashley Rodriguez, has the latest entry in our ongoing series New Adventures in Cold Brew with a story on kegging, how to do it, why to do it, and the challenges and opportunities it provides in coffee shops.

Managing a successful café takes more than just making great coffee for customers; it also means taking great care of your staff. Whether large or small, every business has a need for human resources, but not every HR solution works for every situation. Writer RJ Joseph looks at what the effective options are in Human Resources for Small Coffee Companies.

Panamas Rachel Peterson is the focus of our Master Q+A by Barista Magazines Editor-in-Chief Sarah Allen. Rachel reflects on her childhood on her family’s famous Hacienda La Esmeralda estate, how she became involved in specialty coffee, and how La Esmeraldas famed Geisha came to be.

The June + July 2018 Issue of Barista Magazine also features Field Reports from bustling Denver and remote Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. And of course we have our regular news and events sections, Pull and Foam, and all the new gear and goods in Stuff.

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We hope you enjoy the June + July 2018 issue of Barista Magazine!

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