WBC Finalists!!

After an incredibly strong semifinal round this morning, the 12 were narrowed to just 6, who are set to begin the final round of the 2010 WBC in less than an hour, at 2 p.m.

From left: Stefanos Domatiotis, Greece; Raul Rodas, Guatemala; Mike Phillips, USA; Scottie Callaghan, Australia; Colin Harmon, Ireland; and Soren Stiller Markussen, Denmark.

Some interesting factoids:

¢ Both Mike and Colin (USA and Ireland), were in the finals of the WBC in 2009. Mike placed 3rd and Colin placed 4th.

¢ Guatelama has never made it to the finals before. Raul placed 7th in the 2009 WBC.

¢ Greece has never made it to the finals before.

¢ Soren (Denmark) placed 6th at the 2008 WBC.

¢ Scottie (Australia) placed 9th in the 2007 WBC.

So this is a pretty darn formidable group! I’d say the biggest surprise is Greece making the finals, and the “fuzzy feeling” prize goes to a new-to-the-finals producing country ”Guatemala ”being in the group.

Can’t wait for things to get started in just a little bit!

Mike Phillips, USA, gets and gives a big hug from/to Scottie of Australia.
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