WBC Finalist #1: Colin Harmon of Ireland

The first thing you think when you watch Colin is that he is just such a complete joy to watch. He is smiling from the first moment to the last, and it’s clear, there’s no pretending, he’s really enjoying himself up there. In fact, towards the end of his competition, he actually had the crowd clapping along to his music.

Colin surveying the crowd, and getting lots of thumbs up from his massive Team Ireland section, moments before his performance begins.
Colin served his signature drink first, a large component of which was water, both hard and soft. It was a beautiful presentation.
He was so effusive in his explanations throughout the performance, thoroughly engaging his judges, as well as the crowd.
Here Colin is steaming his milk, which looked to me to be silky and incredibly smooth. Though I don't have up close shots of his cappuccinos, I can assure you, they were all absolutely gorgeous.
At the close of Colin's performance ”and he came in well under time ”his cheering section as well as the entire crowd jumped to their feet to appluad what was truly a spectacular event.

Up next: Soren from Denmark.

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