WBC Finalist #3: Scottie Callaghan of Australia

Former latte art champion Scottie is a longtime veteran competitor, and his ease and sense of comfort and grace is immediately evident on stage. He had a great, large, loud, and fun cheering section of Aussies, and he very obviously was having a delightful time on stage throughout his performance. His was a cerebral take on the barista competition, as he actually asked his judges to join him at his side table, and even at the espresso machine, to see the components of his performance up close and personal. A nice touch.

Scottie greets his judges.
Scottie's awesome cheering section.
He's no stranger to latte art. Scottie said his cappuccinos would taste of toasted marshmallow, due to the Colombian and Kenyan coffee blend he was using.
The judges joining Scottie at the espresso machine.
Tasting the signature drink, which combined cardamom and coconut syrup.

Up next: Mike from the USA.

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