USBC Starts Tomorrow in Houston!

Well, I can’t say I’m surprised, but Houston is a pretty weird place. Luckily, Ken and I found out just a few hours after arriving that our hotel is also the home to the Norwegian barista contingent, some awesome Costa Ricans, our pals from Sprudge, our Stumptown buddies, and the team of Bledsoe/Mrotek/Negranza, friends from Barista Pro Shop, and Toddy, too! Who knows what other trusted friends we’ll encounter tomorrow at the bar where, btw, beers are $3. So Houston may be weird, but the TexMex is great and the beer is cheap. More importantly, our coffee peeps are here.

We’re getting a good night’s sleep tonight though, as we have a big day of United States Barista Championship action planned for tomorrow! It all starts at 11 a.m. Central time, and the live broadcast will be comin’ atcha right here:

Watch live video from SCAA/USBC on

Want to get the scoop on all the USBC and U.S. Brewers Cup regional champs? Read articles about how the competitions work? Learn about the BGA Cafe, the parties, and more? Then be sure to pick up your very own copy of the Official USBC/U.S. Brewers Cup Program at the show here in Houston.

To download the whole program, go to, scroll to the middle of the page, and click on this image.

If you’re not here though, and want to follow along at home, just download the Program on Barista Magazine’s website. We hope you like it!

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