USBC Semifinalists!

What a totally awesome group…

Jared Truby, Verve

Trevor Corlett, MadCap

Ryan Willbur, Stumptown

Par Brannen, Cafe Grumpy

Ian Levine, Verve

Lorenzo Perkins, Caffe Medici

Kevin Bohlin, Ritual

Tyler Stephens, BARISTA

Laila Ghambari, Stumptown

Devin Chapman, Coava

Nik Krankl, Gelato Bar & Espresso Cafe

Row Aczon, Honolulu Coffee Co.

Chandler Rentz, Batdorf & Bronson

Scott Lucey, Alterra

Jeremy Sterner, Peregrine Espresso

Jacque Desmarais, Coffee Ethic

Robbie Britt, Espresso Parts

Nicole Call, Kaldi’s

Sarah Dooley, Espresso Parts

Dave Delchamps, 1000 Faces

And your Regional Champions:

Pete Licata, Honolulu Coffee Co., Western Regional Barista Champ

Michael Harwood, Carrboro Coffee, Southeast Regional Barista Champ

Joe Marrocco, Kaldi’s, South Central Regional Barista Champ

Sam Purvis, Northwest Regional Barista Champ

Philip Search, Dallis Bros Coffee

Ryan Knapp, MadCap, North Central Regional Champ

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