Ultimate Boston Cafe Crawl!

So you’re headed to Boston for the SCAA show this week, but you haven’t a clue where to get a good cup of coffee? Have we got the solution for you!


Jason Burton ”who in case you didn’t know, is one of the most wonderful guys in the coffee industry ”started the Caffeine Crawl series in 2011, and it’s been a hit since Day 1. What he does is organize and produce the best darn cafe tour you could ask for in a host of different cities. He’s led Caffeine Crawls through Kansas City, Denver, Saint Louis, Indianapolis, and even Vancouver, B.C. And now he’s set to crack the code on the Boston coffee scene.

On April 13, 18 of Boston’s best cafes and  roasters  will participate in what is going to be the biggest and best Caffeine Crawl to date! The 18 participating locations are being divided into three different routes, with six shops on each route. Each route’s Crawl runs from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., and there are 75 spots available on each route!

Caffeine Crawl participants receive raffle tickets and are entered to win this Baratza Vario-W grinder valued at more than $500!!
Caffeine Crawl participants receive raffle tickets and are entered to win this Baratza Vario-W grinder valued at more than $500!!

Ticket holders are responsible for their own transportation, so keep that in mind as you choose your route (you’ll be provided with information about which transportation to take, don’t worry!). Everyone will meet to go over introductions and details about the Caffeine Crawl. This is when you get the totally bitchen goodie bags that Jason and his team have put together for you, plus your event ticket, bottled water, and a raffle ticket, along with your Boston Crawl souvenirs! Ticket holders also get a free drink at every stop on their route.

Every previous Caffeine Crawl has sold out, so I urge you to reserve your ticket asap!

Here are the cafes to be visited on each of the three routes:


3 Little Figs
Bloc 11
Crema Cafe
Simon’s Coffee Shop

1369 Coffeehouse
Diesel Cafe
Equal Exchange
Pavement Coffeehouse
Simon’s Coffee Shop 2
Wired Puppy

George Howell Coffee
Cafe Nation
4A Coffee
Pavement Coffeehouse
Render Coffee
Barrington Coffee Co.


The Boston cafe scene is booming, and the Caffeine Crawl Boston is the absolute best way to explore it, learn about it, see some of the beautiful city, and drink amazing coffee. Get your ticket now!

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