U.S. Barista Championship First Round Schedule!

Katie Carguilo won the USBC in 2012. Who will win in 2013?

Ohhhh we are so excited about heading to Boston this week for some of our favorite events of the year: the United States Barista Championship! The U.S. Brewers Cup! The U.S. Cup Tasters Championship! The U.S. AeroPress Championship! The first ever U.S. Latte Art Exhibition! There’s so much to see!!

Katie Carguilo won the USBC in 2012, and she's back to compete again this year ”that's just one of the many mega cool things about this year's USBC roster! Check out the list of all the superstars competing!
Katie Carguilo won the USBC in 2012, and she’s back to compete again this year ”that’s just one of the many mega cool things about this year’s USBC roster! Check out the list of all the superstars competing!

Below is the schedule for Thursday and Friday for the first round of the USBC. And here are a few tips to help you navigate the competition:

¢ All day, every day, Barista Magazine will be Tweeting, Facebooking, blogging, and Instagramming from all over the SCAA Event: all competitions, the trade show floor, the parties, the people, the fun! So check often for all the latest news!

¢ Not in Boston? Then tune into the LiveStream for all the action! (Remember, East Coast time.)

¢ The six Regional Barista Champions skip the first round and compete for the first time in the semifinal round

¢ The announcement of the baristas from the first round who will move on to the semifinal round will take place at 5:30 p.m. Friday

¢ The semifinal round will take place on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Thursday, April 11


9:15 a.m.: Joe Morgenstern, Joe NYC, New York


9:34 a.m.: Charles Babinski, G&B, Los Angeles


9:53 a.m.: Wolfgang Schaefer, Alterra, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


10:12 a.m.: Kevin Bohlin, Saint Frank, San Francisco


10:31 a.m.: Jonathen Liu, Cognoscenti Coffee, Los Angeles


10:50 a.m.: Chris DeMarse, The Abbey Coffee, Marion, Indiana


11:09 a.m.: Intelligentsia, Chicago


11:28 a.m.: Mickey Comerford III, Alterra, Miwaukee, Wisconsin


11:47 a.m.: Travis Beckett, Peregrine Espresso, Washington, D.C.


12:06 p.m.: Nick Purvis, The French Press, Santa Barbara, California


12:25 p.m.: Tamara Vigil, Irving Farm Coffee, New York


12:44 p.m.: Logan Demmy, One Line Coffee, Colombus, Ohio


1:03 p.m.: Frank La, Café Dulce, Los Angeles


1:22 p.m.: Anne Cooper, Dallis Bros., New York


1:41 p.m.: Ryan Redden, Portola Coffee Lab, Costa Mesa, California


2 p.m.: Robert Slofleth, Visions, Seattle


2:19 p.m.: David Fasman, Kaldi’s, Saint Louis, Missouri


2:38 p.m.: Evan Collier, Flat Black Coffee, Boston


2:57 p.m.: Matthew Scott, Lemonjello’s Coffee, Holland, Michigan


3:16 p.m.: Camila Ramos, Panther Coffee, Miami


3:35 p.m.: Trevor Corlett, MadCap Coffee, Washington, D.C.


3:54 p.m.: Cara Zebroski, Coffee Labs, Tarrytown, New York


4:13 p.m.: Talya Strader, Bow Truss Coffee, Chicago


Friday, April 12


10:15 a.m.: Josh Taves, Dogwood Coffee, Minneapolis


10:34 a.m.: Collin Schneider, Sterling Coffee, Portland, Oregon


10:53 a.m.: Brian Gelletly, Ultimo Coffee, Philadelphia


11:12 a.m.: Cole McBride, Visions, Seattle


11:31 a.m.: Michael Ryan, Caffe Ladro, Seattle


11:50 a.m.: Michael Harwood, Independent, Carrboro, North Carolina


12:19 p.m.: Zaido Dedolph, HalfWit Coffee, Chicago


12:38 p.m.: Katie Carguilo, Counter Culture, Brooklyn


12:57 p.m.: Andy Atkinson, Intelligentsia, Chicago


1:26 p.m.: Devorah Freudiger, Equator, San Rafael, California


1:45 p.m.: Scott Lucey, Alterra, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


2:04 p.m.: Josip Drazenovich, Dallis Bros., New York


2:33 p.m.: Stacey Kock, Verve Coffee, Santa Cruz


2:52 p.m.: Truman Severson, Portola Coffee, Costa Mesa, California


3:11 p.m.: Colin Whitcomb, MadCap Coffee, Washington, D.C.


3:40 p.m.: Jacque DesMarais, Kaldi’s, Saint Louis, Missouri


3:59 p.m.: Patrick Hughes, Union MicroFinanza, Muskegon, Michigan


4:18 p.m.: Brett Felchner, BARISTA, Portland, Oregon

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