Top Coffee Scholars Showcased in Award-Winning Book

We’re super excited about the release of the seminal book,  Coffee: A Comprehensive Guide to the Bean, the Beverage, and the Industry, which is seriously one of the very best coffee books to be released in a very long time.


Barista Magazine’s Editor Sarah Allen is one of the contributors in the book, and she joins an impressive roster of experts from the specialty-coffee industry, including:

¢ Willem Boot
¢ Olga Cuellar
¢ Kenneth Davids
¢ George Howell
¢ Andrew Hetzel
¢ Shawn Steiman
¢ Robert Thurston
¢ Geoff Watts
¢ Alf Kramer
¢ Ted Lingle
¢ Paul Rice
¢ Connie Blumhardt
¢ Sunalini Menon

and others.

The book was just named the winner of the USA prize for Best Coffee Book in the Gourmand Best in the World Competition. As such, the book will be considered for the prize of The Best In The World, at the awards ceremony in Bejing, on May 20.

If you want to give this fantastic book as a gift, you can purchase it HERE.

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