TNT Northwest Schedule Announced!

Let’s give it up for Panda (who is occasionally referred to as Michael Fernandez), for his work these past two years at organizing the ongoing Thursday Night Throwdowns in the Pacific Northwest. Panda ”who works at Espresso Parts ”puts in a lot, a lot, a lot of time getting these events ready for you to have latte making fun at: he has to find locations and sponsors, he has to publicize it, he has to make sure it all goes off without a hitch. And that’s just what he’s been doing for almost two whole years.

Can you feel it? The awesome power of the pitcher??
Can you feel it? The awesome power of the pitcher??

Want to see how awesome these TNTs are? Then check out the article and photos from a recent TNT, featured HERE!

For those of you who don’t live in the Pacific Northwest, Panda’s got you covered, too, in the form of the awesome Wordpress site where he has loads of info for TNTs happening across the country. Isn’t he great?

Panda: He's a helluva guy.
Panda: He’s a helluva guy.

I’m also really stoked about how good Panda is about making sure the competition moves around: just check it out below ”we’ve got stops in Oly, Seattle, Portland… and he still needs hosts for a few of the TNTNWs toward the end of the year (I’m just sayin, Tacoma…)

So pull up your calendars on your phones and mark these suckers down.

May 30TH 2013: Madrona Coffee (WA)

June 27TH 2013: Ristretto Roasters (PDX)


August 29TH: Olympia Coffee (OLY)

September 2013:

October 3RD: Neptune (SEA)

November 28TH:

December 19TH:

Think you know where one of these TNTNWs should be? Have questions about an upcoming TNT? Then contact Panda!


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