The Tulsa Coffee Crawl To Celebrate the City’s Sparkling Specialty Coffee Scene On Saturday

It was only a matter of time before specialty coffee made its already strong foothold in the middle of the United States permanent. Cities like Kansas City, Missouri; Louisville, Kentucky; Tulsa, Oklahoma, and plenty more are making it known to the country ”and the rest of the coffee world ”that not only are their coffee cultures here to stay, but they’re leading the pack in a lot of cases.

Topeca Coffee in Tulsa is hardly a newcomer on the scene; the family company that grows coffee in El Salvador on its two farms ”Finca Ayutepeca and Finca Manzano ”completes the seed to cup chain in Tulsa with its roasters and two cafes. So it makes sense that Topeca would take the lead in working with Volunteer Tulsa to develop the city’s first Coffee Crawl to engage the public in Tulsa’s vibrant downtown artisan coffee culture.


The Tulsa Coffee Crawl will be held on March 1, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and more than 300 people are already signed up! Participants can register HERE. You’ll begin your experience by picking up your Passport at Foolish Things, then continue by bike, car, or on foot along the 1.1-mile Crawl route, stopping at participating businesses to enjoy food and drink samples, coffee education, and volunteer service opportunities at each of the seven participating coffeehouses:

Downtown Tulsa is totally walkable and pretty. Tulsa Coffee Crawlers are in for a treat on Saturday!
Downtown Tulsa is totally walkable and pretty. Tulsa Coffee Crawlers are in for a treat on Saturday!

Participants who complete their Passport ”that is, stop into every shop for a stamp ”will be eligible to win cool prizes from  Hyatt Regency Tulsa, Holiday Inn Tulsa City Center, Colour Blind, Fleet Feet, La Marzocco, Barista Magazine, Hario, and more!

Want to get in on the Tulsa coffee action? Just go HERE to register, and make sure you’re ready for some seriously good coffee come Saturday.


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