The Three Bs

2008 Irish Barista Champion Colin Harmon
2008 Irish Barista Champion Colin Harmon

Time Out New York says the market (and the public’s perception) is rapidly changing for three hot jobs.

Before they were the object of magazine profiles and reality shows, chefs were considered little more than skilled laborers. In fact, it wasn’t until 1977 that the U.S. Department of Labor even acknowledged kitchen work as a professional, technical occupation.Though toques long ago shook off their proletarian shackles, many of their industry brethren have only recently followed suit. Butchers, made nearly extinct by the rise of the supermarket, are unfurling their aprons again. Bartending, once the quintessential temp job, now attracts historians with a penchant for iconic style. And baristas, born of Starbucks but bent on rejecting it, bring a sense of global responsibility to what was once humble joe.

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