The Hoff on Capps

We’ve really been enjoying the conversations and emails started by readers and friends over the series of milk essays we’ve had in Barista Magazine’s last few issues. It began with Jakob Dupont of Estate Coffee and Copenhagen Coffee Roaster talking about how milk muddles the flavors of coffee, and continued in the December/January issue with an installment by Michelle Diaz about how, like it or not, her business relies on milk sales to make ends meet. While James Hoffmann‘s most recent blog post was not penned to be included in our series on milk, it did give me a lot to think about. I really liked it, as I do just about everything James writes, for style as well as insight. I think you guys will like it, too.

Check out James’ thoughts on the humble cappuccino HERE.

The Milk Debate, as imagined by me, Sarah Allen First, James says, "I really like cappuccinos," and then Heather says, "The rule of thirds is bogus!" and then Stephen says, "I rather like foam." Something like that...
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