The Barista League to Release Event-Planning Book

The organization, which has thrown some of the best coffee parties in recent years, will share its accumulated knowledge in new tome.


Photos courtesy of The Barista League

The Barista League has been a mainstay of the international specialty-coffee community for years, throwing fun-focused competitions and events for coffee professionals around the world.

After accumulating so much experience hosting parties, the team from The Barista League is now sharing that knowledge with a brand-new book, The Barista League’s Guide to Planning Better Events, to be released September 1. Written as half-manifesto, half-handbook, the book aims to equip and inspire people to create and execute their own events.

The Barista League’s Guide to Planning Better Events combines TBL’s years of accumulated experience in one book.

The Barista League founder Steve Moloney, who also penned the book, said he decided to create The Barista League’s Guide to Planning Better Events after having myriad conversations with people looking for advice on hosting events. “Over the years we’ve had many folx ask us for tips on how to deliver events like ours, but giving one-on-one help to everyone who asks is, unfortunately, beyond the reach of our small team,” he says in a press release. “This book is our solution—it will give you all the tools you need to create, produce, and deliver a great event for your community.”

The book’s practical advice can apply to the creation of any live event, whether coffee-focused or not. In addition to featuring tips from The Barista League team, the book also includes helpful input and stories from several coffee professionals, including Kat Melheim (Coffee People Zine), Elle Taylor (Cherry Roast), Josh Littlefield (Crush the Rush), Andrew Bettis and Maciej Ostrowski (Rancilio Group), Sierra Burgess-Yeo (Kore Directive), Tim Williams (World AeroPress Championship), Jenn Rugolo ( 25 Magazine), T. Ben Grimm (Glitter Cat), and Isaac Cohen (Urnex). Our own Sarah Allen, Barista Magazine cofounder and editor, also provides the book’s foreword.

The book features event-planning tips not just from The Barista League, but from a range of coffee pros.

To be released September 1, The Barista League’s Guide to Planning Better Events is available for $30 USD including shipping, with an e-book version available for $15 USD. Those who purchase the book will get not just the tome but access to The Barista League’s Online Resource Kit, a comprehensive group of resources to aid in event planning.

Full information about the book is available at The Barista League’s website.

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