That Last Crazy Night

After the end of Sunday’s monumental World Barista Championship Awards Ceremony, everyone was flying on pure adrenaline. It had been a long, hyper intense day of finalist performances, and emotions and the noise level were both running high — especially for this guy (2008 WBC Champ Stephen Morrissey addresses the paparazzi):


Ken and I finally snuck away to grab the shortest of naps to get as ready as we could for the final party of the 2008 World Barista Championship week, hosted by La Marzocco, Mercanta, Café Don Paco, and Cafe Europa 1989 at the gorgeous Cafe Europa space in the center of Copenhagen.

We had gotten used to running into people we knew — coffee people — everywhere we went in Copenhagen. We saw Sonja and Imma on our way to the party, as well as the Puerto Rican barista champion, and we could hear the cheers from the party from two blocks away. La Marzocco, Cafe Don Paco, Mercanta, and Cafe Europa truly outdid themselves with this party — waiters circled endlessly with plates of outstanding food, as well as wine and champagne. One of the best things to happen at the party? Nik from Croatia was announced the Barista’s Barista, which is the award voted by the competitors themselves about which fellow barista is the most helpful and friendly. Congrats to Nik!

Here are some scenes from the party at Cafe Europa. Even though it rained intermittently, everyone was all smiles and excitement the whole event through.


It was quite crowded!



Inside the tent, the Barista Champion of Argentina, Maria Rogelia Retamozo, relaxes.



Barista Champion of Nicaragua, Luis Lopez Flores (in white shirt) made so many new friends in Copenhagen.



From left, David Latourell of Clover, Roberto Bendana of Cafe Don Paco in Nicaragua, and Ana Lucia L. De Hawitt, Barista Champion of Honduras.



Sonja talks to Brent.



How many WBC champions can you find in this photo?



Barista Champion of Norway, Chris Kolbu, talks shop with James.

So after an awesome party, we were sent on our way to the next destination, Club Dakota, down the street. It was every bit as cheesy as it sounds, which worked totally well for the rest of the night. You can see things fell into utter silliness at Club Dakota.


Bjorg relaxes atop Deaton, Kyle and me.



Oh, the men: from left, 2008 World Cupping Champion, Casper of the Coffee Collective; David of Clover; Ken of Bmag; 2008 World Barista Champion Stephen of Ireland and Square Mile Coffee Roasters.



Em of Australia gets her groove on.



Stephen and his awesome girlfriend, Jenny.



Bjorg and Klaus…



From left: Tone of Norway; me; Heather of USA; and Stephen.









Those of us on the couch thank Guido of La Marzocco for a hell of a night.

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  1. Sarah, that is such a lovely photo of me! OMG how embarassing! Great to see you in Copenhagen see you very soon! Em x

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