Tamp Road Trip!

Prima Coffee‘s Prima Tamp is really awesome and unique: its adjustable angle allows the barista a more ergonomic option for putting that pressure on the coffee in the portafilter. The coffee nerds who made the tamp knew it would be met with some raised eyebrows, but they were confident it would be embraced by a huge audience, after they’d tried it themselves. And they were right.

The Prima Tamp encourages comfortable and effective technique by facilitating more natural form.
The Prima Tamp encourages comfortable and effective technique by facilitating more natural form.

When the Prima Tamp debuted about a year ago, it spurred message board debates and the kind of true geekery our industry is known for ”and that’s good! Debate is healthy! Proponents argued that traditional tampers have made the barista suffer in an unnatural tamping position for long enough.

By the reaction the Prima Tamp got when it appeared at Coffee Fest and the SCAA show in Boston, this tamp is here to stay. Its fan base continues to grow and grow. But still there are plenty of you out there who haven’t seen it in person yet, and who need to try it to believe it. And that’s why Prima has come up with the Prima Tamp tour.

The Prima Tamp is the ultimate solution for "baristas' wrist" and poor form.
The Prima Tamp is the ultimate solution for “baristas’ wrist” and poor form.

That’s right, folks ”this tamp is going on a road trip. The Prima guys are getting it ready for its solo journey in a Pelican case, which will be sent to cafes around the United States beginning this month and continuing until the SCAA show in Seattle, where it will be rejoined by its Prima family at Prima’s booth on the show floor.


In reality, Prima will be sending two Prima Tamps (58 mm and a VST size) to every top on the tour, which includes such awesome shops as  Jubala Village Coffee  (Raleigh, N.C.),  Cafe Evoke  (Edmond, OK), and  Chromatic Coffee  (Santa Clara, CA).


But with a goal of visiting 30 cafes, the Prima Tamp needs more hosts, so Prima Coffee is inviting YOU to be a part of the Prima Tamp Tour. Here’s the invite:

You’re invited to participate in The Prima Tamp Tour, a coast-to-coast roadshow featuring our favorite tamper. We’re teaming up with 30 cafes in the USA who are connected to their communities and curious about all coffee geekery. Between October and April, the Prima Tamp will visit each of them for three days “ and then it’s on to the next stop! If you’ll honor us with your partnership, we’ll just ask that you try, test, and enjoy it. So, what do you say?

If you join, you’ll be among a select few specialty coffee outposts in the country to use the Prima Tamp in this fun format. Cafes will be added to the Tour on a “first come, first served” basis, so we await your speedy response.

Sounds cool, huh? So if you and your cafe are interested, give Prima a shout and tell them about it! Click HERE for more information.

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