Sweet Fantasy Vienna!

Natvia‘s infamous Sweet Fantasy extravaganza ended in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday, June 16, but we’re still reeling from the amazing photos, the thump-thump-thump of the dance floor that seems to have taken over our very soul, the colors and lights and sounds that swirled together to create from thin air the city of Bangkok, which was this epic party’s theme.

Our new World Barista Champion, Raul Rodas of Guatemala, was on hand at the party and stood close to the Patron photo booth for a chunk of time, happily posing for photos with his fan club. Truly, Raul is going to be a fantastic champion and a stellar representative of the specialty coffee craft worldwide.

Clockwise from left: Barista Champ of Mexico, Fabrizio, who placed 2nd in the 2012 WBC; Percy of Intelligentsia Coffee; Alejandro, the 2011 World Barista Champion; and Raul, the newly crowned World Barista Champion of 2012.

Mark Hanna of Natvia worked for the past year on promoting this party, and he delivered like nobody’s business. Upon walking into the cavernous, industrial space of the Ottakringer Brewery, guests were led past tables filled with shot glasses of various alcohols, including coffee flavored liquors.

They then continued into an enormous space that was divided into a dance floor, a bar and a photo area, where guests could pose and have their photos taken by a Patron-sponsored photographer. Photos were projected on a wall immediately after they were taken.

See all the photos up on the Sweet Fantasy Fan Page on Facebook, HERE.

An array of delicious Thai food was served throughout the party, and guests filtered from the back patio back to the dance floor throughout the night. It was hot outside (it would be 92 degrees F the following day) and even hotter on the dance floor. But that didn’t stop anyone from shaking their groove thing til the sun came up.

Thank you, Natvia, for an unforgettable ending to an incredible week in Vienna!

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  1. They threw a great party, it was a lot of fun, many good ideas on how to have such an event will be stolen by me.

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