Stumptown Summer BBQ

Portland took a somewhat rudely long time to get to summer this year. We had rain and dark days through mid June. Then we got weeks of fairly uncomfortable heat. Yes, I sound like a big complainer, but that’s because Portland usually spoils us rotten in the summertime, with week after week of high 70s/low 80s perfection. We finally got here, a week shy of August, and our pals at Stumptown snatched up the opportunity to invite friends and family over for a big ol’ BBQ on Friday afternoon. I totally TGIF-ed. Thanks, Stumptown!


Phuong (owner of Lava Java, duh) and Megan, who works at the Stumptown Annex, were in great spirits.


Our old neighbors, Stumptown’s Maryellen and her partner, Joe.


Have you seen Lizz’s new tattoo? That’s right, Marzocco. To Lizz’s left is the lovely Rita of the Albina Press.


More Albina folks, including Nicole and Kevin.


La la la, we love summer and Stumptown…


Dane down!! Jacob, who was here in Portland visiting from Estate Coffee in Copenhagen (along with friends Karen and Mads), suffered a basketball injury during the barbeque. But as you can see, the Stumptown medics fixed him right up.


Karen with roasters…


Oh, Francisco Javier, you’re so awesome.


Here’s Kyle, takin’ care of bid-ness.


Post BBQ, we took the Danes (Mads at far left, and Karen in between me and Megan; Jacob had bowed out to go nurse his swollen ankle back at Lizz’s house) to the Horse Brass.


Mads was somewhat overwhelmed by the Scotch Egg concept.

Thanks again for the fun-in-the-summertime-sun, Stumptown!

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