Specialty-Coffee Shout-Out

In lieu of attending the Specialty Coffee Expo, engage with the specialty-coffee community with a message of support and love, and give yourself a chance to win some fun prizes with Barista Magazine’s Specialty-Coffee Shout-Out!


We were so looking forward to welcoming the international coffee community to our hometown of Portland, Ore., this weekend, but of course, the world had other plans.

One of the things we cherish most about our time at the Specialty Coffee Expo is meeting old friends and making new ones. Sampling amazing coffees is a treat, for sure, but nothing beats face-to-face interactions with other members of our community.

In addition to all of the people we were excited to see, the opportunity to show off our little city to visitors is always a pleasure. Sure there are so many fantastic coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and breweries here we can’t begin to list them all, but with the COVID-19 pandemic, many of them are closed for now, just like the “Eiffel Tower” of Portland, Powell’s Books.

We also ordered loads of fun gifts ready to give out to new subscribers, friends, and other folks dropping by our booth. And guess what? We still have them. And we also still have a coffee community, even if we can’t all meet in one place right now.

So this is what we’re going to do: This weekend, we invite you to give a shout-out to someone or something that you value and love in the specialty-coffee community. Everyone who submits a shout-out will be entered to win something from the massive pile of prizes we’ve assembled. They include: backpacks by BFresh Gear; Carter Mugs by Fellow; and Barista Magazine hats (including a brand-new design!), Bmag T-shirts, and subscriptions.

We’ve got backpacks, T-shirts, bucket hats, and Carter mugs to share. Leave a comment with your shout-out to the specialty-coffee community, and you can win!

To enter, all you need to do is leave a “shout-out” in the comment field below. We will select winners at random starting Monday, April 27, 2020. While you’re here, if you’ve got the means, please consider giving to a virtual tip jar to help out those in our community in need.

As an example, here’s my shout-out: “This is a specialty-coffee shout-out to Bison Coffee in Northeast Portland! Since we’re in lockdown, I don’t get out of my neighborhood anymore, but every day I see Bison Coffee still serving our community. The front door is closed, but they’ve set up a window to offer take-out service. And each day, people—socially distancing of course—drop by for a cup of coffee and slice of normality. Thank you, Bison, for your work and spirit!” – Ken O.

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Kenneth R. Olson (he/him) is co-founder and publisher of Barista Magazine the worldwide trade magazine for the professional coffee community. He has written extensively about specialty coffee, traveled near and far for stories, activities, and fun, and been invited to present on topics important to coffee culture. He is also an avid fan of the Portland Trail Blazers, the Washington Huskies, and public libraries.


  1. A special shoutout to Happy Baristas in Berlin, Germany. They’ve shown up throughout the COVID-19 situation, finding unique ways to follow the social distancing rules along the way and even updating their menu to include nitro drinks on tap to speed up service and creating a menu full of tasty snacks that are all perfectly prepared for takeaway to enjoy in the park, on a bench, or simply at home where we should all be spending our days at the moment 🙂 Going there has been a high point these weeks; it’s something to look forward to, even as the days all blend into one. I’m grateful to have such a great, local, and community-oriented coffee place right in my neighbourhood!

  2. Shout out to Roam Coffee in Oklahoma City. Not only are they delivering their products to customers’ doors at no charge, they’ve also partnered with other local businesses to deliver their goods, too. They’re really going above and beyond with their services and help in the community. I’m proud they’re from my city.

  3. I want to shout out my friends at Whatever Coffee in New Orleans working months on end without a day off and continuing to grind through this situation. They have a rare passion for coffee and community that I really appreciate.

  4. Sorry if this posted twice!

    I’m shouting out Super Nice in east Harlem, they opened a pick up window and make donuts at night to keep everyone sane in the pandemic. If I win I’m sharing the loot with the baristas there! They have been a huge help after my shop closed last month.

  5. Shout out to greater goods coffee roasters in Austin, TX! My morning cup whether at home (pick me up blend) or in store (tiger latte) wouldn’t be the same without them!

  6. Huge shout out to The Koffee Korner at LMH in Lawrence, Kansas. We’ve been closed through the pandemic but have been trying to find ways to still support and caffeinat our family we’ve made there. Being at the Koffee Korner has been so rewarding, in that we get to provide fuel and so much love to the people saving lives. We do everything we can to provide and great experience to everyone we see. We all cried the day we had to close down because we realized not only were were leaving this job we love so much but we are also leaving the people who have made it such a special place.

    Also, shout out to J&S Coffee in Lawrence, Kansas. They’ve been open through all of this and have been absolutely killing it. Steve, the owner, had done an incredible job keeping everything running so smoothly while taking on other tasks. Thank you Steve!!

  7. I would like to give a shout out to The Bee in Hickman, NE. Best small town coffee around.

  8. There are so many people in the industry I’d love to shoutout to! Right now I want to shout out to my amazing Baristas at The Koffee Korner in Lawrence, KS. We’ve been closed since March 19th due to being the main caffeine providers to our communities front line workers. We all cried as we walked out of our Korner in the hospital (LMH Health). Not knowing what was next but, we knew that we had to keep them safe. We are so sad that we can’t be there to see our healthcare family every day like we have for the past 9 years.
    These Baristas have been so amazing at keeping our social media positive and working with one another to stay healthy and happy during this time. I can’t wait to be back open and be able to have all of us at the Korner again. It doesn’t even matter what the restrictions will be, we are just ready to be home and see our hospital family!

    I would be forever grateful to get some fun gear for these baristas who run my tiny dream coffee shop. They are the stars of this show and I have no words for how much love I have for them! They deserve so much for being such strong and compassionate people. ?

  9. I’d love to give a shoutout to Dillanos! They inspire me to grow bigger and better! Even though it’s not “industry” I want to acknowledge all of my customers, especially front line people, they are the reason we are coming to work every day! Thank you!

  10. Also I’d like to shoutout Oddly Correct in KC, MO for roasting the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had and to The Coffee Ethic in Springfield, MO for brewing it in summer of 2016!

  11. I’d like to give a shoutout to BREW Coffee Bar in North Carolina. Most people don’t understand the specialty coffee industry. Being able to work at BREW and learn about the beauty and creativity of specialty coffee as well as the belonging and community it provides has impacted me forever. It’s not just about getting to craft and create something beautiful but providing a safe place for the community to come together from different places and backgrounds and connect in a unique and powerful way. Thank you for showing me the beauty of specialty coffee, BREW!

  12. A shoutout to absolutely everyone in the industry pushing through each day and doing the best they can under the circumstances. Life is hard, but we will get through this ??

  13. Shout out to all the organizers and sponsors behind SCA and WCE! (That includes you too, Barista Magazine and Fellow) Can’t imagine what it would be like to reschedule such huge events but looking forward to reconnecting with the coffee community when we can gather again. I think we will appreciate the reunion all the more after being separated for so long 🙂

  14. S/O to my coffee shop, Kitt’s Coffeebar & Calico Coffee Roasters in Kearney, Nebraska! It’s been an absolute blast working there for the last couple years and I’ve learned so much from working there and the valuable connections I’ve made.

  15. Specialty coffee shoutout to Plata Coffee! Aaron and Rose, thank you for crafting such a special place for creativity, community, growth. We were only able to open for a week before all this all happened, but what a week! Thank you for your compassion and rolling with the punches. Looking forward to showcasing more of New Mexico’s local roasters with you.

  16. Sending love to my family at Rust is Gold Coffee in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We have coffee over Zoom every Tuesday morning with our staff and cafe regulars, and it’s the greatest gift while we all have to be apart.
    Can’t wait to pour you all hearts in ceramic cups again.

  17. My wife and I feel so fortunate to be a part of this community. All things considered this shout out is to all you coffee brewing badasses, the roasters that merge science and art, the farmers that walk miles upon miles daily with hundreds of pounds of that sweet green on their backs, and all you people…you amazing people that make this such an undeniably rad community. Oh and another shout out to Steady State and Olympia Coffee for delivering those 5lb bags…our quarantine dream!

  18. Shout out to Aharon Coffee Roasters in Beverly Hills! I miss their positive vibes and vanilla lattes!

  19. I would like to give a shout out to James Hoffmann. His videos are informative and enjoyable.

  20. Shout out to all my favorite coffee shops in Thailand, Factory coffee, Ristr8to, Ceresia coffee. I can’t wait to go back there.

  21. I’d like to give a shout out to the team at Flux Coffee in Long Island, NY. Though I’m a little too far away to be able to go pick up a coffee now, they’ve remained open and are doing their best to take care of their community and baristas. They roast their own coffee so definitely order a bag or two! The people on this team have such big hearts and are incredibly generous. I look up to them.

  22. This is a shout out to my manager at Paper Fox Coffee, Ben Kamerman! Right as everything started “falling apart” (or so it felt like to me), he created a GoFundMe for us, his staff, anticipating our cut hours or inability to work for the foreseeable future. Not only that, but he’s been working his booty off to set up an online order system and pioneer projects to keep our business afloat during these strange times. He is killing the game in literally every single way, and he deserves the biggest specialty coffee shout-out one could possible give.

    Cheers to every one in the industry who is investing energy to make it through this season (even though that can look many, many different ways). You have all of my respect, and all of my love.

  23. This is a shoutout for my amazing friend Pamela Castillejo Cosey for being one of the most passionate coffee persons that I’ve ever meet, she’s in Mexico trying to deliver an amazing experience in every single cup that she make. Today’s her birthday and something like this would be an amazing surprise for her!


  24. This is a specialty coffee shout out to Stone Creek Coffee of Milwaukee, Wisconsin to recognize how well they’re taking care of their employees during the shut down! Not only have they started a virtual tip jar but they’ve been releasing other coffees to help send cheer during this hard time. Thank you guys again for everything you do!

  25. Shoutout to The Optimist Raleigh for continuing to push through this pandemic by donating coffee to local hospitals in the Raleigh, NC area! Contactless Online Ordering is such a helpful way to provide a safe experience for their guests and this will be their method of providing great coffee to the neighborhood on their May 4th opening date and beyond!

  26. Shout out to the gang at @BeanVoyage. They are doing critical work to support womxn coffee growers, and in the wake of C-19 they have taken their work online and are working hard to make their platform available to hundreds of smallholder farmers.
    Thanks for profiling them at Barista Mag, you guys are doing such great work!!

  27. This specialty coffee shout out belongs to Gold Stripe Coffee out of Lubbock, TX! These guys genuinely care about the integrity of craft coffee and do a great job of representing that in our community. They also roast real good coffee! Check them out http://www.goldstripecoffee.com

  28. Shout out to Gold Stripe Coffee! They continue to take care of their team and find ways to serve the community, especially those in the medical field, during this time!

  29. Shoutout to Captain Stoker in Monterey, Ca for their damn good coffee! Miss you guys.

  30. I’d like to leave a shout out to my amazing team at [ash-ling] Booksellers in Toccoa, GA! We just recently started serving specialty coffee, and my team has found ways to continue to interact with and serve the community since the owner decided to close. We hope to be back in service soon!

  31. Shout out to Candlestick Coffee Roasters in Corrales, New Mexico. Zack and Courtney, your attitudes are like heart medicine right now. Thank you for letting your light shine and finding new and ingenious ways to get delicious coffee into our cups. Can’t wait to try your Sandia Summit.

  32. #Shoutout to @chemncafe! Best coffee around. If you live in or are passing through the Elgin area, swing through downtown and meet the genuine folks who run it, grab yourself a coffee and a snack.

  33. A special shout out to all my colleagues at Origin roasters in Cape Town. Miss making amazing coffees with all of you. Stay safe and see you soon.

  34. Shout out to the Canadian coffee industry and those who are fighting every day to keep the industry alive during these strange times. We have one of the strongest communities and it’s been beautiful to see competitors supporting each other and a genuine desire to help floating around. We got this, and we’ll come out of this stronger ??

  35. I wanna shout out my friends at Cafe Volan in Asbury Park, New Jersey. They’ve just re-opened for contactless online orders. Go to their site and order yourself an iced honey oat latte, avocado toast (with Mazi!), and a pack of Ethiopa Koke instant. When you pick up, tell Mike I said hi.

  36. I would like to shout out Case coffee roasters in Ashland Oregon!
    Amidst everything going on, they have still managed to serve some of the most amazing coffees on the planet, and they have gone above and beyond to take care of their employees in the best way possible.

  37. I’d love to give a specialty coffee shout out to my team of hard-working baristas, order fulfillment employees, the marketing employee, Q grader and roasters, delivery drivers, the manager…you name it! Swings Coffee Roasters is still open and as a member of the wholesale team, I’ve gotten to see firsthand the peace and reassurance that customers get from having their fave coffee at this difficult time. So many things have changed but they can count on the familiarity of the coffee that they are receiving. It’s really heartwarming.

  38. I would like to give a speciality coffee shoutout to the Instagram campaign #brewathome @brewathome_official for connecting coffee roasters, equipment manufacturers and all things speciality to consumers all over the world! It is a great support for struggling businesses in these difficult times!

  39. Shout out to Page Roasting and Avionics in Champaign Illinois. They do great coffee and have been selling beans from a makeshift bodega at a country music bar called Rose Bowl!

  40. Bit shout out to whole Polish community for collaboration during this hard days! I feel very proud that in tough times we can work together, support each, without competing.
    The #pijelokalne ( #drinklocal ) campaign we made together with SCA Poland reached thousands of coffee lovers who started to support local roasteries and cafes.

    Big shout out to all my coffee friends around the world: producers, importers, roasters, baristas who maintain to share the positive coffee enthusiasm while working harder to survive this period.

    Stay safe and healthy!
    See you soon!

  41. I’d like to send a shout out to all my pals in the industry who have been so helpful with brainstorming ideas for getting through the coronatimes- Brioso Coffee in Columbus, Gryphon Cafe in PA, my friends in Philly, Zeke’s Coffee alums in Seattle, Arizona, and Baltimore, and all my friends here in DC, especially Candy of Southeastern and folks from the farmers markets. Hope to see you all IRL someday soon…

  42. Shout out to all of the specialty coffee workers that are at the face of this. It’s hard to continue to work when for most that’s the only option you have in this pandemic. We see you, e hear you, and thank you
    I’ve never seen a community like this band together and come up with such creative ways to help their employees get through this uncertain time, it gives me hope for the future. Just stuck together and give where you can, we’ll get through this!

  43. Big shout out to my team at Little Man Coffee over here in Cardiff Wales, they’re keeping the city flowing with oat milk and coffee beans via a major adaption of their wholesale order system. They’re also now using their kitchen space to cook lunches for vulnerable people and have been delivering those to people who need it most. Woohoo!

  44. Shout out to @thebarnberlin which I really love to come to their cafe and have some fresh coffee. Also miss my dear friends in town to gather and have some cupping which I really need to do it.

  45. I’d like to shoutout to all the Farm Stands, Farmer’s Markets, General Stores. All of them are community centric, being incredibly creative to keep their communities fed (and caffeinated) safely during these very difficult times! As a small town roaster we’re blown away by all the ingenuity, hard work and perseverance we’ve seen these past few weeks!

  46. I’m from Malaysia and I’m not sure if I’m able to pariticipate and win something from this..but this is a shout out to all Specialty cofffe either cafe or roastery around the world who keep figting to survived. Especially to some of my local roaster like ArkibKopi, Akusukakopi and Wesngopi roastery who still working hard to supply all the beans that we needed to keep sane at this moment of time. We hope this pandemic will be over soon and I pray from this other side of the world from all of you guys, that those effected will soon recover and getting back up stronger. Coffee for life ! – @aguynamedmas

  47. A big shout-out to all the café owners, who will not let down their staff during these tough times. Working as a team is more needed now than ever. Together we can survive this, and come out stronger.
    Love from Hungary.

  48. I would like to shout out to Philippine Coffee Guild in organizing and pooling all home brewers, baristas, and roasters to do Cold Brews for the frontliners! The volunteers get and deliver the bottles to the hospitals despite of the threat around. They’re all doing all of this to let these frontliners energized and stay caffeinated. Passion and eagerness to help is the key, everything’s for free! We’re all in this together. #WeHealAsOne

  49. Would love to shout out Calvin who roasts at Rocanini in Vancouver, BC for always hosting cuppings
    for the coffee community here and sharing his space so generously as well. Also Vancouver Coffee Snob for tirelessly sharing info about Vancouver coffee scene and being awesome!! Lastly, Modus (Shout out to Sharif and Jess) for being such a great space to chill, have great coffee and meet new friends!!

  50. Shout out to The Perk Downtown in Colorado Springs, CO!!!!! The owners are incredible humans that look out for us like family! We still are open and offer online ordering, call in’s, curbside, and take out! All locally produced baked goods from those still open and coffee roasted locally through Purple Mountain Coffee Company!

  51. Shout out to Hotwire Coffeehouse in Seattle. Serving locally roasted Seven Roasters. I love the community connections small shops create and the authentic environment.

  52. Shoutout to everyone in the coffee industry! Considering the circumstances have been challenging for all of us it also has united us to be more attentive towards each other. From coffee producers, importers, roasters, baristas, etc. This pandemic has taken us by a whirlwind & has made the coffee community bond to another level. I’m optimistic about the future in coffee & the new roles that will be taking place in the years to come.

  53. I wanna shout out Augie’s Coffee Roasters! I still am stocked to be working during this pandemic and happy for sense of community being displayed within the company and also between guests who come to our cafe. ,

  54. Shout out to The Corner Cup in Festus, MO! Really miss their coffee and the lovely ladies who own it. Can’t wait to go back when this is all over!!

  55. Shout out to @utopian coffee here in Fortwayne Indiana. They’re one of our roasters at Black Dog Coffee in Logansport IN. They’re our supporters, role models, and friends. We love their team and of course, their coffee (:

  56. Big shoutout to every barista, roaster and coffee owner that’s still out there serving coffee through their Windows and curbside! To the people at Joe coffee app who are making it easy to social distance! Specially to my friends who have been providing me with the best beans! Geetu from Union coffee, the people at broadcast coffee roasters, Olympia coffee roasters, and to all my fellow barista family!

  57. Shoutout to The Bean in Vermillion, South Dakota! They are truly missed by the Vermillion community and the students of University of South Dakota. This small town has been very quiet but thanks to The Bean for still providing coffee to its customers and keeping them caffeinated in these tough times! I can’t wait to get back on bar and serve all my friends!

  58. Gotta give a shout out to Peixoto Coffee in Chandler Arizona. So grateful to our owners for continuing to provide us a place to work and share our amazing coffee to our customers. We are still open for curbside pickup and online orders! There are some awesome bag deals on our website ???

  59. BIG shout-out to Non-Fiction Coffee Co. In Birmingham, Al!! Great coffee for a great cause! Helping farmers and employees in sourcing countries build schools and homes in their communities. Giving jobs at farms and helping community infrastructure around the world. Honored to play a small part in this company.

  60. Shout out to One Line coffee in Columbus, Ohio! They are delivered free to my doorstep complete with a knock on the door and friendly (socially distanced) wave hello. I’m grateful that I can still have my favorite coffee in the city!

  61. Shout out to all the small specialty coffee shops out there that are doing their best to take care of baristas in these unprecedented times. Keep setting the bar higher!

  62. I want to give a special shout out to @bentleysnapavalley coffee in Napa, CA. Pat is a veteran and he owns and operates this small batch roasting company. He hasn’t been able to go to the local farmers market for the past 2 months, but he still roasts coffee to perfect his roasting style and is always learning. Finally get to return to the market next week and share his fresh, bold and balanced coffee with the local customers. http://www.bentleysnapavalley.com

  63. I’d like to leave a shoutout for Happy Hi coffee and bakery in Regina, SK, Canada! The way they’ve manoeuvred these times with the opening of their store front just months before the epidemic hit blows my mind. Being one of the only face to face interactions most of us are having on a day to day basis with their deliveries, their kind dispositions bring joy! So thankful to be able to get our coffee fix from such a great local business!

  64. Big shout out to Three 25 Coffee!! And all the other small batch roasters around keeping life somewhat normal during this time.

  65. Oh my gosh!, where do I even start?!
    Would love to give a heartfelt shout out from the top of the rooftops to my community specialty coffee shop INDIE COFFEE ROASTERS in Carmel, Indiana. Carmel is where I live and work as a Barista at INDIE COFFEE ROASTERS. They are my family, they are my friends and we are missing our community of incredible humans! We have been closed since March 17th and look forward to the day that we can be reunited and brewing again! A special shout out also to Barista magazine which I enjoy monthly directly in my mailbox courtesy a prize raffle and Coffee Fest which I had the opportunity to attend in Indy last year and meet the great Sam Spillman. So many coffee experiences that enhance my life!

  66. Shout out to my favorite coffee bar in Henderson, KY Roast Coffee Bar. I’m lucky to be part of the team at my favorite spot in town! During all these tough times, I recall all the beautiful memories of being inappropriately caffeinated while baking muffins and prepping for a busy southern comfort food restaurant attached. My dreams are filled with normalcy and espresso shots. I’d love some swag for my staff at Roast.
    Cheers, Shawna

  67. A heartfelt shout out to Cristina and Amilcar from Café Lab by Latte que Latte in San Juan, Puerto Rico! From day one, the Café Lab family has been commited to serving the community, and these trying times have not been the exception.
    Thank you, Cristina and Amilcar for every cup of coffee prepared and delivered, even while social distancing, of course, no matter the circumstances. Thank you for always keeping our hearts happy and warm. Stay safe!

  68. Shout out to Wake Cup Coffee here in our small town in Montana for continuing to serve up locally roasted coffee in a responsible way during this uncertain time and giving this small community a place to get great coffee

  69. Shoutout to company’s like Rothrock in Pennsylvania and Eastlick in Florida crushing the support and love and tasty coffee game during this time!!!

  70. I want to shout out the wonderful people at wrecking ball roasters based in SF. They can’t THROUGH for me in a pinch when I DM’ed them on Instagram asking if they had any khalita wave filters. Those are tough to come by. <3

  71. With the lockdown announced by our prime minister, many in the country have limited access to a meal some times. With coffee plantations far away from the towns or cities workers are being supported by many ethical planters by providing them with essentials, reasons, medicines, etc. A big shout out to all these planters in India and other growing countries for giving us the coffee and supporting the team

  72. Shoutout to Ximena Rubio in CDMX at Quentin Cafe!!!! Best service at a coffee shop to date!

  73. Shout out to Cocoa Cinnamon and Little Waves Coffee Roasters for keeping their needs for their staff public and making space to serve the Durham, NC community safely. Areli and company rock!

  74. I want to shoutout Camber Coffee for their stay home throwdown! It was so nice to learn and practice something that gives a feeling of normalcy right now. Oh, and they encouraged charitable giving for all entrants.

  75. I’m giving a shout out to Nossa Familia Coffee, such a great family business serving up some tasty sustainably-roasted coffee. Thanks for keeping me going.

  76. Shoutout to EVERYONE in the food and beverage industry! It’s such a tough time for everyone and it is heartbreaking to see the things people have to endure. To the amazing business owners who are taking care of their staff and community and putting others above their own need. @everbeancafe @counterpartcoffee @nemesis.coffee @hatchcrafted @c.kuo @eightouncecoffee thank you for keeping me caffeinated during this trying time!

  77. Shout out to monarch coffee in Kansas City. We still get our monarch fix every week thanks to our subscription. How I long to sit in their shop where I can pretend I’m in Paris for a few minutes enjoying the small things in life with some bomb coffee.

  78. Shouting out some of the amazing coffee establishments in the Tri-Cities and Walla Walla, WA! Thank you so much The Local, Ethos Bakery & Cafe, Baracuda Coffee, Walla Walla Roastery, and Coffee Perk.

  79. I want to give a special shout-out to VIGILANTE coffee in Hyattsville, Maryland! Chris Vigilante (yes, that’s his real name) and his team are extremely dedicated to providing excellent single origin roasts. He has been on multiple trips to source out excellent beans and his CDLC line of whole beans makes a $30/10oz bag absolutely worth it! Chris is also correct when he says that his Cafe is an excellent place for skateboarding. Much love to you guys!! http://vigilantecoffee.com

  80. Shout-out to La Barba Coffee in SLC for using profits to weekly helping out businesses in need during this time!

  81. Shout-out to Merit coffee for still serving coffee and having free shipping!

  82. shout-out to everyone at Mojo coffee in New Zealand!
    I want to enjoy delicious coffee with everyone as soon as possible after being ended this lockdown. Everyone, take care of your health, and let’s meet soon with bright smiles. And I hope this horrible time will pass quickly. and I cheer for Barista Magazine’s journey.

  83. Shout out to Vancouver Coffee Snob for helping many independently owned cafes to get their ever-changing hours and updates out to the world. Many shops that had to adjust hours; modify service; update protocols; close and/or re-open during this time. The VCS helped many to get the latest information to existing and potential customers which are essentially the life lines to many small businesses.

  84. Hey Guys!!! I want to tell you a little about the situation in Medellín – Colombia, the coffee shops in general are closed, roasters are working with the pertinent health measures for this pandemic and coffee brands are fulfilling their online orders, many of them are also doing social work in the most humble areas of the city. I also tell you that several of us were going to the fair to show our new processes and practices that are taking place on the farm to enhance the coffee profiles, but well ….. this time we are taking advantage of to study, improve and take care of those around us, hugs and I look forward to we see each other soon!!!

  85. On my first visit to the expo this year I was very excited to meet Bill from The San Franciscan Company, he is my favorite roaster and since I won the national competition I have talked a lot with him and his team, I wanted a photo with the great Bill and Mark from Onyx Coffee.
    See you in New Orleans!! ???

  86. Shout out to 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters in Vancouver! Although they had to close their cafes to keep everyone safe, they continue to roast beans for online sales as well as for suppling to other independently owned cafes that are still open without any disruption. Much love during this difficult time ??

  87. I want to give a shout out to our New Hampshire specialty roasters: A&E Coffee andTea, Flight, Riverwalk cafe, and Union Coffee Roasters. Proud to be a part of the specialty industry, Keep spreading the coffee love in Our Community!

  88. Shoutout to Caffe Sospeso in TJ! They continue to provide service in their characteristic utmost quality while helping us customers remain safe, healthy and saving money thanks to their constant offers, feeling cared for it’s an enormous thing in this current situation, it’s a huge reassurance. Aside from this they are also providing local hospitals with free coffee for the medical staff. This is the kind of solidarity our community needs to sort this out I’m so proud and thankful for Caffe Sospeso ??

  89. I want to show some love to the my brother Jacob Hefner and all the amazing folx at Happy Creek Coffee & Tea in Purcellville; The Plains; and Front Royal, VA. As many others have, they’ve adapted to keep their communities going, and have evolved in the process.

  90. Hi, my name is Luisa, I’m from Colombia. I work as Quality Director at Campesino Coffee, We bought coffee in Antioquia for export and Colombian national roast champion, and this year was going to be my first visit to the fair and I was very excited to visit friends and making new ones I hope to see you soon and to be able to share many coffees.
    I know we are all fine soon, with love

  91. I want to give a shout out to @deliciousbistrocafe in Barranquitas, PR for not giving up in this hard times and always offering the best coffee in the area, but most important always giving back to the communities.
    Also want to shout out all the coffee shops out there doing all that it’s possible to maintain their operations.

  92. Huge shout out to the one and only Onyx coffee. Having moved away from Fayetteville a few years ago I have adopted some new RAD shops in the PNW. It was the coolest feeling seeing the shop that made me fall in love with coffee giving money back to my local shop (and so many others) when I bought a bag of coffee recently. That’s what the coffee community is all about!

  93. Huuuuuuge shout to 2 local roasters in the north east of England,UK… ROUNTON COFFEE ROASTERS & THE BAYTOWN COFFEE CO. have kept me going through the lockdown… much love!

  94. Shout out to all the Mexico specialty coffee community , especially Tijuana’s specialty coffee community, all the people supporting local shops and local shops doing all sorts of tricks and flips to stay open and serving the freshest cups or beans to go, stay strong friends, we can do this!
    Special thanks to La Stazione ( ig:@lastazionecachotj) Sospeso (ig: @caffesospeso)

  95. Shoutout to all of the farmer-facing organizations and responsible exporters continuing to invest in their supply chains and get coffee to buyers despite market uncertainty and all of the uphill battles of getting high quality coffee financed and to you. Especially my peeps in Asia @goodel @beanspire @kalsada @akhaama @tanamera @building @bosgaurus @mysticmountain @auxano @banheo @jhaicoffee @jingjhai @behindtheleaf

  96. Shout out to the staff ar LARS Coffee and Alquimia Coffee! They are roasting, grinding, packaging and delivering specialty to homes in El Salvador. Thank you for tour effort!

  97. Shout out to my team at Coffee Project NY. SHOUT OUT TO OUR DEAR DONUT MAN ERIC WHO HAS LEFT US LAST WEEK. Shout out to all the amazing friends I’ve made during our Daily Brew Party on Instagram live. Shout out to my green coffee producers and the importers for being so accommodating with our needs. SHOUT OUT TO ALL NYC BARISTAS!!! SHOUT OUT TO BARISTA MAG!!

  98. Shout out to Academic Coffee in San Jose, CA for providing the community with delicious coffee AND groceries (!!) in these times of need. You all are a wonderful local business and we appreciate you <3

  99. Kudos to baristas around the world that are still soldiering on despite this craziness that is happening. ????

  100. Shoutout to George Howell coffee!!! All of your employees are very knowledgeable and helpful. My favorite place to get beans, espressos and pour overs.

  101. I’ve been using my pictures from visits from the following shops as Zoom backgrounds for my class lectures and then Venmoing/gofundmeing to the baristas at:
    George Howell (Boston), Broadsheet (Cambridge, MA), Little Wolf (Ipswich, MA), Mammoth Espresso (NOLA), MOJO Coffee House (NOLA), G&B Grand Central (LA), Bird Rock (San Diego), Peregrine (Washington DC), Carrier (Northfield, VT), Source Coffeehouse (Bridgeport, CT). And also to La Marzocco Cafe and Stacks Espresso (Albany, NY), area funds like Baristas KC, NY/NJ baristas, Intelli Boston. Also to roasters whom I’ve gotten to #spreadbeansnotcovid19 for the first time (Amethyst, Paradise, Blueprint, Quills, Luminous (Vegas, Compelling, Made). And shout outs to Roast House (Spokane, WA) and Black & White (NC).
    Damn, that’s a lot of shoutouts for an industry outsider.

  102. Shout-out to every speciality coffee owner from Singapore and Malaysia. Thanks for providing us awesome coffee and educated the market. Y’all are awesome. Everyone is having a hard time during this corvid-19 period. But stay strong. We will keep support the local community business. Hope that Barista Magazine choose us. Thanks ya!

  103. Shout out to Brenda (ig: @bsorrentini) from Friends Café in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico for always giving the best customer service, no matter what’s going on – sunny-storm-rainy-earthqake-pandemic- every single day! I learned from her that customer service and a good cup of coffee are more important that any latte art in the world <3

  104. Big shout out to all the coffee folks out here in the Bay Area, so many to mention.
    Santana Coffee, Proyecto Díaz & Red Bay Coffee for their inclusivity, resiliency and being such a big part of the community in Oakland and the Bay.
    And newer coffee roasters such as Mother Tongue Coffee and I Love Cute coffee for going beyond in being also approachable and transparent regarding coffee.

  105. Shout out to Alex Taylor at The Crown in Oakland! He’s a man dedicated to his craft, his customers, and his staff. I’m grateful to have shared a cappuccino or two with him, and I look forward to many more in the non-isolation future ?

  106. This is a specialty coffee shout out to Tree Amigos coffee (www.treeamigoscofffee.com) in Suffolk County Long Island New York roasting specialty coffee grown organically pesticide/fertilizer chemical free in Honduras from our own farm 6000 feet up they have been still providing a little bit of “normalcy” to a weird and sad world right now…

  107. Shout out to Valhalla Coffee in Tacoma, WA. It was there that I fell in love with the art of coffee dispite not drinking it. When we lived there, we would purchase grounds for my wife and I would proceed to make her either drip or lattes every morning, now that we’re further away I’ve brewed different blends, different methods, and even taken a roasting course. Thanks Valhalla for sparking my love of brewing coffee for others.

  108. Shoutout to Augies Coffee for staying safe, staying open, and continuing to source and serve the tastiest coffees!

  109. shoutout to Third Wave coffee in Forest, Va! Although they are closed, they are still roasting! And they have been donating airpots of drips to local hospitals for essential workers!

  110. Shout out to my amazing team at Vint Coffee! This is a tricky situation but they’ve been taking everything in stride. They’re positive/supportive and overall amazing. So extremely thankful for them!

  111. Specialty coffee shout out to Fount Coffee in Morrisville NC! Currently serving up delicious Counter Culture coffee through curbside pickup WHILE donating coffee boxes to hospital workers in the area and prioritizing their staff’s income and well-being. They are truly leaders in hospitality and servants in the community!

  112. Shout out to my Partners at Starbucks ???? 27 Drumm St SF CA who has been helping out other Starbucks locations in San Francisco during this pandemic COVID-19 and Shelter-In-Place Order in CA. We are all in this together! We love and support our Starbucks Partners ??

  113. Shoutout to Tristan, Kelly, and Mitch of CxT Coffee in Peoris, IL! They have been a second family for me through all of this and making sure all their employees were taken care of during these harrowing times. Much love! Couldnt ask for better bosses and friends!

  114. ? Shout out to the amazing Lucia Solis of Luxia.coffee!

    Lucia works with coffee producers to build custom fermentation tanks at their farm to create consistent processing methods which provides the farmers with not only a delicious product, but the added value of deliciousness to sell their coffee at a higher price! I discovered her through her podcast “Making Coffee” where she shares her unique origin stories and coffee science knowledge surrounding fermentation and coffee processing . Give her a listen! Her podcast content is perfect for a good, stimulating shelter-in-place listen!

  115. Shout out to Red Bay Coffee for keeping it alive. The van is always out selling Beautiful coffee to the people safely and deliciously.

  116. Shout out to all my barista friends in Portland that were excited about hosting Coffee Expo! I wish you all get a rain check. Also a shout out to the coffee industry in Puerto Rico.

  117. Just want to give a very warm shout out to Noir Coffee Lab in Trinidad! They’re #stillroasting and driving around doing deliveries to all their customers who are staying safe indoors.
    An extra big shout-out to the entire global coffee community who are all having to adapt to the current crisis.

  118. I would like to give a shout out to Hitherto Coffee and Gaming Parlor in Greenfield Indiana! They provided me my first barista job and taught me everything I know!! They serve high-quality coffees with high quality ingredients, as well as creating an amazing and family friendly atmosphere! They’re also persevered this Pandemic with grace and are keeping their shop open and very clean!

    I haven’t been able to work there, because I work as an EMT for my full time job and due to being exposed to the virus, I didn’t want to risk their company! That being said they’re an amazing shop!

  119. This is a shout out to all the amazing coffee shops in Columbus OH. Still grinding and serving all the people’s. We love and appreciate each one of you!

  120. Shout to Hannah Mercer at Sweet Water Organic. The very best expo buddy. We should be drinking all the coffee and dancing the night away. I guess I’ll just play Cyndi Lauper in my living room while downing High Life and making pourovers.

  121. I’d love to shout out to my SLocal family and all of the wonderful roasters that are still working to provide us with great coffee. I think we’re all itching to get back to brewing and serving coffee to everyone in our small town, and I’m looking forward to safely being able to do so. ????

  122. Shoutout to my hometown coffee shop, Peixoto Coffee, in Chandler, AZ for introducing me to specialty coffee and always having the best seasonal drinks and putting a smile on my face every time I visit!

  123. I’d like to shout out Brio Coffeeworks in Burlington, VT (https://www.briocoffeeworks.com/). I’ve been buying their beans for several years now. I’m thankful to be able to receive their beans despite living 17 hours away even during these crazy times. If you’re not familiar with Brio, you definitely need to check them out!

  124. I want to shout out to Anderson Stockdale for creating daily zooms on coffeebreak.group that save my life! And Oodie Taliaferro for creating a weekday zoom that I also love!

  125. Huge shout out to Barista Magazine for running this promotion and keeping everyone connected while we have to remain distant. Big support for the farmers who are still providing quality coffee even though they have their own problems at home… Also a massive thank you to the community who is working to keep customers and people caffeinated and connected even when they can’t stay in the shop and finally thank you Sweetwater Organic Coffee in Gainesville for still roasting and serving at a safe distance!

  126. What I love about working in the specialty coffee industry is the unspoken between customer and barista—whether it’s a regular or a first timer. Even if people are intimidated by coming into a coffee shop, there’s an unspoken understanding that exists in the transaction and the making of a beverage for someone. When you hand someone a drink you’re really telling them that you SEE them, and they are validated by the care that you are giving them in the simplest form- a cup of coffee.

  127. I want to give a shout-out to Barista Magazine for being such a force of good during all this. Not only have your raffles raised thousands of dollars for worthy causes, you have also promoted the industry and encouraged positivity with forums like this and on social media. Keep up the good work!

  128. Shout out to Oceana Coffee (FL) and Crimson Cup (OH) coffee roasters who would have been joining our booth to showcase their amazing coffees. Missing you all so much these days, looking forward to a time when we can all sit together and share our passions face to face. You all have taught me so much and fuel me with inspiration every day!!

  129. Specialty shout out to Joey at Cafe Kreyol! I first met Joey at the expo in Atlanta a few years back. Appreciate his contributions to the coffee industry! Miss this event during these strange times but grateful for a strong coffee community!

  130. Shoutout to Mill City Roasters for providing free educational content on their Instagram stories about roasting and cupping coffee.

  131. Shout out to Chemn Cafe in Elgin, TX! Despite the shelter in place, they are hard working to serve the community. In addition to their delicious coffee they have added essential grocery items and MASKS!!!! They truly have been a life saver to my family!! #chemncafe #bestcoffeeintown #numberonebarista

  132. Shout out to Wild Way in KCMO, I should be getting some Sage Advice while I walk around the farmers market, instead I’m drinking an Irish Coffee before 9 am

  133. Shout out to all my barista pals at Lulu Beans. I can’t wait until we can make coffee together again! ?

  134. Shout out to Chelsey Walker-Watson over at Atlas Coffee Importer for being such an incredible Coach, Mentor, Friend. Your passion and drive doesn’t go unnoticed! Love you so much!

  135. Shout out to Sarah Leslie of Leslie Coffee Company! You continue to be my role model in coffee even from afar. I can’t wait to see your cafe in person one day and I am so grateful to have had you as a boss and friend when I was finding my way in the specialty coffee world!

  136. Shout out to Flux Coffee! Thank you so much for a)keeping me caffeinated with delicious coffee b) always prioritizing coffee community over competition c) wearing the coolest shirts ever.

  137. This is a shout-out to all the coffee shops stepping up in such difficult times to do something amazing for the communities and hospitals! Such as Lionheart in Beaverton, Oregon for providing free lunches to those in need. And Insomnia Coffee in Hillsboro for keeping the drive-thru open and providing coffee/treats for everyone working so hard in the hospitals! Go get a free coffee from them if you’re in the Beaverton area!

  138. Big thanks to Dave and Rosso coffee roasters for getting me through competition season this year! It was a fun season!

  139. Shout out to Vancouver Coffee Snob for all that he does for the coffee community including creating an amazing curated coffee app called Siply that helps you discover some amazing specialty coffee!

  140. Shout to Cartel Coffee Lab for donating 100 + gallons of cold brew to the amazing staff of Banner Health in Phoenix Arizona. They are a business that leads with a big heart. Also to Press Coffee for being leaders on how to service their health professionals by providing them with delicious, well-needed coffee.

  141. Shoutout to my people at Smile Tiger Coffee in Kitchener, Ontario! I had to leave my post there as a result of covid but I’m sending all my love to my staff, our fantastic customers and a special props to Shelby and Ria for keeping the beans flowing! Love you forever!

  142. I want to yell the biggest S/O to my favorite boy barista, Elijah, at Chemn Cafe in Elgin, TX for giving his energy, love, and kindness to all who enter, and always having his momma’s back (owner @the Cafe)

  143. Big shout-out to the amazing team at @holeybrewed that I get to be a part of. Love the work that everyone does to champion specialty coffee across Canada and into the USA. Here’s hoping a number of us as a team can make it to #CoffeeExpo2021. That’d be a blast.

  144. Big shout-out goes to Westie from @mallgrabcoffee who was willing to let me crash on his couch at his home in Portland so I could have a free place to stay in order for this Canadian to attend my very first #CoffeeExpo! Sad we can’t connect and hang out all weekend in PDX but I know one day we’ll get to meet up in person.

  145. A local roaster shout out to Wander Coffee in Fort Collins, Colorado. You’re consistently reliable and I love being able to find your coffee at our neighborhood little market (Beavers) so we can support even more local and stay safe. I wish you were a coffee house so we could all hang together when the time comes.

  146. Shout out to Oddly Correct for doing good things and roasting good coffee. Thinking back to the last time I hung out in their space, grooving to Luke’s music selection, and sipping that amazing Sidra y’all had.

  147. First off thanks to everyone in the coffee industry for doing all they can to go extra hard right now! Let’s get some love to KLVN coffee lab in Pittsburgh PA !Ruby roasters still killing it with the subscription. FELLOW FOR MAKING MORNINGS BETTER.Talormade for getting the goods across the pond. Passenger,Tandem, Ceremony ONYX for keeping the transparency alive and Barista hustle has education point. Pullman for my tamper;)Shout out to Nathan at Luminous for the dropstore!

  148. Shout out to my amazing bosses at Square One Coffee, Josh & Jess Steffy. They have taken everything thrown at them with grace and bad-assary. They made goals to change the business model in order to continue to *safely* service our community and provide for our entire staff. Jess put hours into creating a virtual tip jar for a relief fund for our staff, put her creative labor to an all time test, started a coffee delivery program, made recipes for XL lattes, AND a take out window while Josh supported the plans and made it all come to fruition. I feel so lucky to work for such incredible people. Thank you Steffy’s!

  149. Shout out to my Messenger Cafe original travel team Kaley Gann and Joel Bigelow. I miss you both terribly and I don’t know when the future will team us up on a coffee adventure again.

  150. I want to shout out everyone at Black Crown Coffee Bar in Tucson for doing all you can to keep being a bastion of community in these hard times!

  151. A HUGE shoutout to St Franks Coffee here in San Francisco. Not only have they made it possible to keep their doors open during this time but they are roasting and donating coffee to a local non-profit that is offering coffee, snacks, hygiene kits, showers, use of bathrooms and masks to the homeless and displaced residents in San Francisco. You are all a 10/10!

    Miss y’all to death and forever thankful for Glitter Cat!!!! —especially T. Ben and Eric Grimm for fostering is under a house of glitter and glamour!!!!

    <3 MiMo!

  153. Shoutout to Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee ! Made the trek out to OC last week just for your doughnuts and your staff was so passionate about their service it was incredibly moving ! Y’all keeping up the good vibes even when it’s difficult is much appreciated and noticed!

  154. Shoutout to Dark Matter! In Boston I was able to meet their crew and can say that they are wonderful folks. Their impact on the show (and coffee!) is educational, welcoming, genuine, accepting and delicious. A really great group of folks.

  155. Shout out to Andytown Coffee in San Francisco! Their “buy your local healthcare professional” initiative was so inspiring that we started doing something similar for our neighbourhood hospital. By making food and drinks to the local healthcare heroes, it gave us a sense of purpose during this difficult time. Thank you from Canada!

  156. SHOUT OUT to my best bud Shep and I would love to give a shoutout to Spyhouse Coffee in Minneapolis who just re-opened this week!

  157. Shoutout to my old team at Cavo Coffee and Cleo Roasting. Even though I moved companies and lost my job due to Covid, they’ve been supportive of me. It’s been a treat watching them all grow as leaders and work together to support each other. Special shoutout for Vivian Nguyen for being my best coffee bud. It’s been a treat to watch them grow as a roaster.

  158. Shout out to THINK Coffee and Ink, a charity cafe in London, England, who have had to close for now until the lockdown is lifted. Stay strong friends! www thinkcoffeeandink.com

  159. This is a shout-out to anyone who volunteered at Re:co and/or Expo last year! I had an amazing time volunteering at both events in Boston last year and met so many cool, chill people! I wish I could be reunited with everyone in Portland right now. Shout out to anyone who has volunteered ever before and who’s volunteering right now with anything!

  160. Shout out to Grateful Brew in Greenville SC for being a home away from home that I miss hanging out in. They’re still brewing to go orders and hosting food trucks for to go food. They’re all about community and making you feel at home.

  161. Specialty coffee shout-out to Joe Bean Roasters in Rochester, NY! I can’t get my favorite cappuccino right now, but they’re still profiling, roasting, and shipping their great coffee to me and to a lot of my friends that I have surprised with coffee!

  162. Shout our to the Cafe Vita, Seattle WA. They’re offering this time of special blend, “WE GOT THIS SEATTLE – COVID-19 Relief Blend, and donating $2 from each bag sold. Taste is so good. You’d better try this out!!!!

  163. Shout out my hometown favorite Blue Owl Coffee in East Lansing, MI! Continuing to provide coffee for my friends back home and frontliners in the city while putting hope and goodness into the world. Looking forward to when I will be able to visit home and have a cup!

  164. Obviously, shoutout to the La Marzocco team (looking at you Littlefield) who throws a killer party and my partner in crime, Andrea, drinking everyone under the table.

  165. I also want to shout out to the Upstate Coffee Collective, Kevin & Matt, for continuing to bring all of us together during this time of isolation and separation. They’ve been showcasing and highlighting our area cafes and roasters who are still at it everyday to deliver excellent coffee to their communities. Great coffee doesn’t just happen.

  166. Shout out to my fam at Kru Coffee and Stacks Espresso, Storied Coffee, Touchy Coffee, Superior Merch, Iron Coffee Co, Jacob-Alejandro, Spektor Coffee & Highwheeler in New York; as well as my friends at Empire Tea & Coffee, Borealis & Bolt Coffee in Rhode Island! Was looking forward to seeing y’all in my favorite west coast city, but here’s to next year in NOLA!

  167. Shout out to sweet, sweet Andrew Schultz and what would have been a weekend of slumber parties, slurping brews and nerding out over water quality and equipment.

  168. Shout out to Michael Knight! And Grand Strand Coffee for being the best coffee shop in Myrtle Beach, SC! My favorite is the pour over palmetto blend from San Finca Gerardo, Guatemala.

  169. Shout out to all my coffee peeps in Portland, especially Cris at Water Ave. and Gus at Coava. Can’t wait til we’re all back to throwing down.

  170. I miss my team at Copper Kettle Coffee in Bellevue, WA~ We’d be seeing the blooms of the Bellevue botanical gardens that surrounds us with the aroma of coffee that makes the space so amazing ? hopefully soooooon

  171. Shout out to the amazing staff at Ampersand coffee roasters in boulder CO. They are still serving take out and have the best cortado anywhere!

  172. Shoutout to Amethyst Coffee in Denver! I miss you guys, drinking your coffee at home is still delicious, but it’s just not the same!

  173. Shout out to lo-fi roasteries for getting me coffee quickly after months of waiting for other coffee to arive in the mail

  174. I really wanted to come see you and the coffee Seen this year next year for sure love you!!

  175. Shout out to Firefly coffeehouse in Wisconsin — they’ve adapted to the changing situation wonderfully and have made a commitment to their employees, their local farmers, and their community to serve them! They’re a super resilient bunch and I’m proud of them.

  176. Shout out to Roost Coffee! The amazing team of Ruth and David. Who are still continuing to roast coffee, supplying to homes and also vital people in the community! (In lovely Yorkshire)
    Even though I can’t work with them at the moment, I still feel part of a great team!
    Thank you to Barista magazine for always being awesome and much love to all fellow baristas ??

  177. Shout out to The Curb in Kaimuki, HI for making this lock-down manageable. Best baristas in the world slinging excellent coffee from the likes of Onyx and Cat and Cloud.

  178. I want to give a shout-out to my fellow Glitter Cats; we were supposed to have a follow-up bootcamp last month and be competing this weekend. Regardless of us not being able to compete and showcase our skills on stage we’re all still thriving, creating, and supporting each other. Love you folx with all my heart.

  179. Was looking forward to Expo in Portland to go say hi to my friend Sara Reynolds at Guilder/Coffee + Beer, but looks like that will have to wait! Hi Sara!, miss you!

  180. Shout to all my international besties, Karla B (Finca San Antonio Amatepec, El Salvador) Ana Valencia (mexico)Angela y la Familia Coto (Nahual Cafe y Panorama Coffees), Diana Patiño (Kumo, Mexico City), Doris Quijivix y Blanca Castro (Guatemala), Janice (Food for Farmers) and all my teammates from Sustainable Harvest that I only get to see once a year.

    Thank you for all the support and good times in Coffee Expo throughout the years.

    (Omg Im getting teary eyed) I miss you, hug you and see you soon!

  181. Shout out to everyone at Amavida coffee in northwest Florida! I miss being behind the bar and I can’t wait to get back and see my co workers and regulars!

  182. Shoutout to Pact Coffee pals still roasting in London and supplying specialty goodness to the UK. I’m on my last bag abroad and can’t wait to get back to them again!

  183. This is a shoutout to my AMAZINGGG team at Tamp & Grind Coffee and to my awesome roaster Rêve Coffee in Louisiana! They have all been so positive and supportive over the last few weeks, which has helped ease my anxiety as a small business owner. I could not be more thankful for them, and I dearly want them to know just how much they are appreciated! Thanks ya’ll!

  184. This is a specialty-coffee shout-out to Black Coffee in Fort Worth, Texas! https://www.blackcoffeefw.com/about Mia is an amazing lady and very involved in the community! She has opened her doors to host many community events and meetings! She has adapted to these trying times, and uses a Dutch door as a drive thru service!! Thanks Mia for all you do to bring specialty-coffee to a much needed neighborhood and community! – Java Jesse (on IG)

  185. I’d love to shout out my friend Randy Levine who is #stillroasting delicious coffee at Little Key Coffee in Hightstown, NJ! The cafe is still open taking contactless orders or you can just walk up to their to-go window! My personal recommendation would be grabbing a bag of their super awesome Honduras! Shipped nationwide!

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