So Where Would You Invest?


The investors here put most of their funds into Team Finland’s café based on their presentation of their business plan, but everyone at the NBC would like to know what you think. So here are the business plans of all five teams as PowerPoint presentations that you can review for yourself. Which one stands out to you as a worthwhile café of the future? Which do you think have the greatest strengths, and which do you perceive to be the weakest and why? If you have an opinion, share it!

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Team Denmark’s Business Plan

Team Iceland’s Business Plan

Team Sweden’s Business Plan

Team Finland’s Business Plan

Team Norway’s Business Plan

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  1. I found all the business plans focussed on processes to serve the customer. As far as format is concerned, it has reached its zenith , evident from the new Intelligentsia coffee house and others such cafes. What should be the next logical progression? It’s been few decades that Coffee Beans have started to talk to the roasters, as they plead and prod them to whisper the flavors and aromas. Would it be not something which makes the customer/consumer/guest decipher the mystery of coffee? Can it be called interactive coffee culture, with some flair swaying in the air?
    It’s all so exciting.

  2. Looks like you guys are having fun!! 😉

    By the way what does “correct” team sommelier/coach mean??

    wish I was there..


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