Oregon Coffee Board Cold Brew Throwdown

The Oregon Coffee Board invites you to a different kind of throwdown: Cold Brew!

The end of the summer is rapidly approaching, but there’s still time to celebrate your love of cold brew in an end-of-summer bash by joining the Oregon Coffee Board (OCB) at Stumptown Coffee Roasters HQ in Portland, Ore. for a new cold brew challenge to start the Thursday Workshop season. Join the fun  September 10 from 4  – 6:30pm!

Attendees are invited to come and taste samples of different cold brewed coffees and non-alcoholic cold brewed coffee signature drinks – and vote for the NW ULTIMATE coffee cold brewer!

There will also be a brief presentation on Cold Brewing and the Modern History of Cold Brewing Coffee from 4pm-4:20pm

Competitors need to register by Sept. 7 and spaces are limited, so sign up fast if you want to win this battle! You can register to compete right here.

You can also  RSVP by following this link if you’d like to attend!

Keep reading to find out the rules and more!

Oregon Coffee Board Cold Brew Throwdown
Think you can create the ultimate cold brew coffee drink? Sign up to compete at the Oregon Coffee Board Cold Brew Throwdown!

Competition Rules:

Each competitor will be given four minutes to present their beverages and discuss the talking points for each below. Please bring enough of each beverage for four judges and 25-30 attendees. Both judges and attendees will cast their vote for which brew they think should be crowned best cold brew in the Northwest.

You will be judged on the following–

Straight Cold Brew: Present one (1) unadulterated cold brewed coffee, straight up.

Be prepared to talk about:

  • Kind of coffee you chose (origin, roaster, roast profile)

  • Flavor profiles to look for in the coffee

  • Why you chose the coffee

  • Method of cold brewing (device, vessel, grind size, total brew time, etc)

Signature Cold Brew Beverage: Using the same cold brew, craft a signature beverage of your choice. For the judges you can serve your drink in the glassware of your choice (silver, crystal, sippy cup– whatever makes your beverage shine!). You may use whatever mixers and garnishes you would like, but the drink must be non-alcoholic. Competitors can pre-batch their signature drink in a larger format for sampling to attendees in small plastic cups provided by Stumptown.

Be prepared to talk about:

  • Name of your signature drink

  • List of ingredients

  • How your ingredients compliment your cold brew

  • Flavor profiles to look for in the beverage

Stumptown will provide small sample cups, napkins, and ice. Please bring everything else you’ll need for prep and presentation.

For more information,  contact  heatherk@stumptowncoffee.com.


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