NW Coffee Festival Kicking Off This Weekend!

It’s not THAT Coffee Fest Seattle ”nope, in fact, the Northwest Coffee Festival is a whole new kind of coffee celebration, bringing quality coffee, industry professionals and curious members of the general public together to learn and party.

Here’s what they have to say about it on the Official Website:

On father’s day weekend the Northwest Coffee Festival will bring together coffee lovers, baristas and roasters to get their caffeine buzz on while tasting and celebrating coffee in Seattle. If you are a coffee lover then head for the Seattle Center. There you will be well caffeinated in a wonderland of coffee with a smile on your face and cup after cup of delicious brew handed to you by baristas from your favorite local cafes and roasters.

The Northwest Coffee Festival will be held in the Fisher Pavilion at Seattle Center with espresso bars, slow-pour coffee bars, live music, educational presentations and hands-on demonstrations in coffee. With several of Seattle’s favorite chocolate dessert companies and savory food chefs in the festival there will be great foods to taste as well as exceptional coffees. The festival will feature a NW Beer, Wine, and Cider garden for the 21+ folks.

Sip a cup in one of the micro-cafe espresso bars while watching a demonstration from a local barista on how your favorite drinks are made and then stand at the roaster’s bar tasting slow poured coffee, nibbling dessert and listening to live music. Be excited for the great coffee, tasty bites and a weekend of celebration!

To stir up the excitement, the Northwest Coffee Festival will host a Seattle Coffee Crawl the week prior to the festival. A map will be distributed to encourage folks to get out and explore some of Seattle’s finest coffee shops with the opportunity to win prizes!

Is there a better way to spend Father’s Day weekend? Make it a surprise for Dad (you’ll want to buy your tickets in advance) or make it a special treat for yourself, but if you like coffee your definitely going to want to make it to the Seattle Center for this event.


So though the actual NW Coffee Festival isn’t until June 18 “19, the games begin tomorrow ”June 9 ”with the release of the Coffee Crawl map in the Seattle Weekly, which is that city’s alternative paper. What a cool looking map, too!

To see it in greater detail, click HERE.

So if you’re up in Seattle any time between June 9 and 19, jump into this coffee extravaganza and celebrate!

For more details, including tickets, etc., click HERE.

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