Nut Of Course: Non-Dairy Milk Machine Off to the Races

Nut-milk maker from Brewista shatters Kickstarter goal and earns finalist spot for prestigious award.


Whether it’s due to health reasons, dietary restrictions, or taste preferences, more and more consumers have been opting for non-dairy milk alternatives in recent years. Nut milks are among the most popular non-dairy options, with almond the most common choice: In 2016, consumer research firm Nielsen reported that sales of almond milk have grown 250 percent over the past five years while the total milk market has decreased by over $1 billion.

Alternative milks made from non-dairy sources like nuts have soared in popularity in recent years. 

Into this landscape enters Wyoming-based startup Brewista and its brand-new NutraMilk system that makes milk and butter from “virtually any nut or seed.” Brewista President Brian Gross’ inspiration for the product was his own inability to drink dairy milk—and his observation that making nut milk from scratch is an extremely time-consuming process that can take 12 to 14 hours. NutraMilk, on the other hand, works via a two-step process that takes seven to 12 minutes: Once the user places their preferred nut into the machine and adds water, the machine—which automatically filters while dispensing—produces up to two liters of fresh nut milk.

The Nutramilk, made by Brewista, makes up to two liters of fresh nut milk in seven to 12 minutes.

To bring the Nutramilk product to life, Brewista launched a Kickstarter campaign on March 14—and that campaign has already met its $35,000 funding goal. (As of press time it was nearing the $45,000 mark with two weeks remaining in the campaign.) Brewista Brand Manager and Product Designer Christian Krause says the product appears to have instantly resonated with people in the marketplace. “The NutraMilk has taken on a life of its own,” he says.

The Nutramilk has bested its Kickstarter goal by nearly $10,000 with two weeks left in the campaign. 

Christian adds that while the product was originally intended to be a fast and easy way for coffee shops to make nut milk on demand, consumers’ reactions are helping Brewista see increased versatility for the Nutramilk. “Through our Kickstarter campaign and social marketing efforts, we’ve learned that it satisfies a much larger need,” Christian says. “Since it not only makes chemical- and additive-free nut milk but also nut butter, people are contacting us with all different ideas for its use. Mothers have posted comments on our Facebook page stating what a blessing this will be to their families with dairy intolerance and allergies.”

Brewista got additional good news when the Nutramilk was chosen as a finalist for the Kitchen Electrics category of the Global Innovation Awards at the International Housewares Association trade show March 10-13 in Chicago. Though Brewista ultimately didn’t win the top prize, Christian says more than 500 applicants were vying for the award, and the Brewista team was humbled and thrilled to be finalists.

The Nutramilk has become more popular than Brewista imagined, and was a finalist for the Global Innovation Awards at the International Housewares Association trade show. 

It remains to be seen what happens next for Brewista and the Nutramilk, but it has been an auspicious start for the Wyoming company and its nut-milk maker. Those interested in donating or learning more about the Kickstarter campaign can go here, while the Brewista website has more on the Nutramilk and Brewista’s other products.

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