Nordic Cup Finland 2008 canceled… but Iceland 2009 will be great!

We’re sad to share the news that the 2008 Nordic Barista Cup (NBC), scheduled to be held in Helsinki, Finland, in September, has been canceled. Barista Magazine and the Nordic Barista Cup have always shared a special relationship, as I debuted the idea for the magazine at the 2004 NBC in Iceland, and was given tons of support from our Nordic friends. We in turn have done everything we can to support the amazing event — it is truly one of the very best coffee events on the planet, and we look forward to many more wonderful NBCs in the future.

Either Ken or I or both of us have attended every NBC since the one in Iceland, which was the first full version of the event (the very first NBC was a battle between Norway and Denmark; the next year’s event, in Iceland, 2004, bought together barista teams from five Nordic countries: Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland), and have worked from within the organization for the past two years producing live blog coverage of the activities and parties. If you’re feeling a little misty about the NBC not happening this year, maybe reliving some of the fun from Copenhagen and Gothenberg will boost your spirits (choose it as a category in the menu at left).

I appreciate what Klaus has said about this year’s NBC being canceled, that it’s better to cancel than run the risk that it won’t be as great as it has been over the past several years. I have no doubt that the 2009 NBC, to be held in Iceland (HOORAY) will be the best NBC yet.

One last thing: Barista Mag loves the Nordic Barista Cup forever!