Next Stop Colombia!

Two new champions just joined the ranks of those baristas traveling next June to Bogota with the finals of the First Annual Mexican Latte Art Championship and the Ninth Annual Mexican Barista Championship.

The morning began with the six finalists in the latte art competition pouring their best work for the judges and ended with the six barista competition finalists doing the same.

Mexican Latte Art Champion Aurora Aleli Monero.

The first latte art champion of the country is a former national barista champion: Aurora Aleli Monero of Café Passmor took the title after scoring 8s for her work!

Fabrizio of 5pm Café in Guadalajara and 2009 Mexican Barista Champion does some ad hoc publicity for the current issue of Barista Magazine.

While waiting between competitors in the barista championship, Jose Arreola called 2009 Mexican Barista Champion, Fabrizio Sencion Ramirez from 5pm Café on stage to talk a little about Barista Magazine. Fabrizio’s café is in the city of Guadalajara which will host (if all goes according to plan) the first ever Cup Tasting Championship of Mexico and the first Coffee in Good Spirits competitions in February.

The audience was enthusiastic and energized throughout the three-day competition.

I need to take a moment now and say how terrific the audience at the barista competition was. The place was packed throughout all three days of the event, and they had tremendous energy and support for every competitor.  Now, to the finalists.

Erika Chagoya was the first barista championship competitor of the day.
Finalist Abel de Jesus Colmerero went second.
Ricard Cardenas was the third competitor.
Javier Gamboa Rendon won second prize in the latte art championship before competing in the barista championship.
Sergio Reyes went fifth and placed sixth.
And Esau Perez finished out the day and ended up in fifth place.

Then came the waiting for scores to be tabulated, and following the announcement of sixth through fourth, the top three finalists awaited their fates. Two of three had gone through something similar already in the day as Erika and Javier both competed in the Latte Art Championships too.

The top three finalists at the Ninth Annual Mexican Barista Championship.

Erika took third place while Javier placed second for the second time in the day, leaving Ricardo Cardenas as the new barista champion of Mexico. Congratulations, Ricardo! See you in Colombia!

Ricardo Cardenas delights in his hard-fought victory as the new Mexican barista champion.
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